Seducing the Enemy's Daughter

Seducing the Enemy's Daughter by Jules Bennett

Book: Seducing the Enemy's Daughter by Jules Bennett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jules Bennett
had her tilting her hips once again, eager to take all he could give.
    Brady caged her body, leaving her no room to move. He was in complete control and she loved it. For once in her life, she liked being controlled by a man.
    Hips pumping, warm breath ragged in her ear, Sam couldn’t get enough of this potent man. He consumed her every fiber.
    All too soon, she felt herself rise. She tried to increase the pace, wanting to get to her release, but Brady remained in charge.
    “You’re ready, aren’t you?” he purred in her ear.
    She couldn’t piece together a response, instead she bit her lip and whimpered. Just then Brady moved in such a fast, frantic pace, Sam knew he must be close to his own release.
    She turned her head, capturing his lips withher own. Tongues mimicked bodies as they rose together and held on for the climax.
    They shuddered together, lips still fused as one. Nothing ever felt so intense, so perfect. Once the tremors ceased, Brady kissed her softly and eased back until her feet were once again on the carpet.
    When he slid his hands up under her dress and removed the flimsy garment, Sam didn’t protest. She didn’t have the energy to. She’d never been taken in such an urgent way before, as if he couldn’t live another minute without touching her.
    The idea of being desired so much had her body humming for more all over again. What had she done to deserve this attention, this affection from such a remarkable man?
    “We need to freshen up again,” he murmured against her ear.
    “But we have reservations.”
    He nipped at her chin. “I’ll change them.”
    “I’m too tired,” she protested as he scooped her up and headed toward the bathroom.
    “Then I’ll just have to do all the washing.”
    They dined in a romantic corner booth complete with candlelight. Brady, though, was having a hard time concentrating on anything other than the way Sam’s bare shoulders looked in her straplesswhite dress. She’d pulled her hair up, leaving some tendrils down to dance around her tan shoulders.
    She looked like a woman who had been thoroughly loved.
    He’d seen the looks men had passed her way when they’d entered the restaurant. Jealousy didn’t take over, though. No, Brady was glad they were looking. She was his, and he was proud of her.
    Since when did he think of Samantha as his? If he didn’t put a stop to these emotions he would fall for her.
    “I’ve been thinking about going ahead with the spa,” Sam said, drawing him back to the conversation.
    “I think we need to go ahead with the plans for the day spa.” She rested her slender arms on the table. “I’ve already been in contact with a contractor. Would you mind looking over the plans he sent?”
    “Not at all.”
    “Are you okay?” she asked.
    Was he?
    He faked a smile and nodded. “Fine. Just thinking about work. My brother is holding down the office until I return.”
    “You’re lucky to have him.”
    Brady couldn’t deny that. “We’ll look over those plans after dinner. Moving ahead with this major renovation will put more of a rift between you and your father.”
    Sam’s eyes misted. “Since he’s not in charge anymore, I don’t think he has room to criticize. Besides, my brother doesn’t need to know every decision I make.”
    He reached up, covered her hand with his. “Your father hurt you with this new change in positions.”
    “I should’ve known I would never be considered for anything more than a hotel manager.”
    The way she put herself down and expected to be overlooked was heart-wrenching. How could he make things better for her and still gain control over the resort?
    He couldn’t. Which meant he had to choose.

    S amantha held the stick, stared at the two pink lines and didn’t know if she wanted to throw up or jump up and down. But it had only been two weeks since they’d slept together. And they hadn’t used a condom. The realization hit her hard.
    A baby.

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