Seduced by the Beast

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Book: Seduced by the Beast by Jaide Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaide Fox
cradled his hips against her once more, his fingers still
working her in steady, teasing strokes.
                “Do you want me
inside you now?” he asked, hoarse with desire.  The head of his shaft teased
her nether lips insistently, sliding with slippery wetness against her tender
                She nodded,
unable to give voice to her wants, knowing only that he was bringing her to
that brink once more, and she ached to fall over the edge.
                He stroked his
satiny length up and down her slit slipping like wet silk.  His cockhead,
slickened with her own wetness, maddened her with thorough agony.
                The stroke became
a push, nudging her tight opening, prodding first her anus and then her pussy. 
She didn’t know which he’d penetrate first.  Gods help her, she wanted him to
possess both openings.
                “Do you want me
here?” he asked, pushing against her anus and then her cunt, “or here.  Or do
you want my full possession of your delicious body?  You need not beg me or
feel ashamed at the pleasure.”
                He rumbled
against her ear.  “Say the words, Swan.  You want this.  You know you do.”  He
edged her sensitive opening, drawing his fingers from her clit to grasp her hips.
                “Both.  Gods
alive.  I want this,” she gritted out, pained with need.  She wanted it more
than anything at that moment.  Pride had no place when faced with such precise,
angular pleasure threatening to overwhelm her.
                He shuddered at
her admission
                “First you will
know me here,” he said, and pushed against her anus, his fingers stroking her
clit, swirling her juices back to her ass to allow him access to the tight
hole.  The strange tickle become a push, and then his finger was inside the
forbidden hole, stretching it to accept his girth.
                She shuddered,
pushing against him, wanting something more.
                He smiled against
her shoulder, replacing his tapered fingers with the mushroomed head of his
cock.  His fingers he moved to her vagina, stroking the hole even as he wedged
himself inside her puckered bud.
                A cry ripped from
her throat at the foreign invasion.  “Ease yourself,” he murmured.  “It is a
painful pleasure to accept me here, but one you will not forget.”
                She tried to
relax her tense muscles, but could not.  He slipped one finger into her cunt
and then another and curled them, stroking a spot inside that had her instantly
moaning and riding his hand.
                He took her mind
off her ass, pushing further inside as he pleasured her pussy, rubbing his
thumb against her clit, curling his fingers within her as he began a slow, languorous
stroke within her ass.
                She whimpered,
biting her full bottom lip, lying still beneath him.  The sensation of being
filled there was alien and different and she wasn’t sure if she liked it or
not.  Only the tense shudders of his body, the spasming jerk of his cock and
the glide of his fingers kept her still to him.
                “I cannot take
it.  I need something more,” she begged, feeling sorry for her wantonness.
                “As you wish, my
lady,” he said. 
                Her body made a
sucking sound as he pulled out of her backside and slipped his fingers from her
sopping cunt.  Se tensed as that thick member moved down, unerring to her
                Slippery and wet,
it held no barrier as he plunged his hard cock deep inside with one stroke.  The
edges of her vagina bloomed and stretched, accepting his thick girth.  She
cried out as he filled her completely, his own loud groan mingling with her
voice.  The angle was odd, pulling upward and pleasing her in a way never felt
before.  She bit her lip as

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