Seduced by the Beast

Seduced by the Beast by Jaide Fox Page B

Book: Seduced by the Beast by Jaide Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaide Fox
he pulled slowly out, a withdrawal that jerked her
with sensation.
                His hard,
muscular chest crowded the soft curves of her spine and buttocks, feeling
forceful, possessive and controlling.
                She arched her
neck back, allowing him to bite the delicate column as he pushed wholly inside
her channel again.  He stayed there for a moment, allowing her to feel his full
erection claiming her insides, stretching her to the limit of her endurance.
                “And now you know
what it is to be possessed by a beastman,” he ground out, savaging her neck
with his teeth.  A shudder erupted from his tense muscles, reverberating in her
                Her pussy
clenched on a hard gush, sucking at his cock as if to eat more of him.
                Hot lips branded
her neck, the hollow behind her ear.  His hands gripped her breasts with full
possession, pinching her nipples until the ached.  He dragged her up to meet
him, bent over, with her buttocks spread and pliable for his invasion.  Having
her in that supplicating position seemed to drive him wild.
                A madness
overtook him, and he withdrew, only to sink inside again, faster, faster, until
his hips slapped against her round buttocks, sounding loud in the room.  She
felt his sac smack her clit, the rough hair of his legs rubbing against her. 
He pulled her hips back to meet each thrust, guiding her movement and driving
into her harder and harder.
                “You are too
much,” she cried out.
                “Not nearly
enough,” he said, groaning and stroking her ever higher to a spiral of need.
                She bent her head
down, slamming back against him, reveling in the ragged sound of his breath as
pumped into her slick passage with ever growing fervor.
                Her heart drummed
in her ears, nerves alighting with fire, burning with need.  Her arms tensed to
support her upper body, arching her back as he bent close, his fingers removing
from her swollen tit to sink back to her soaked clit, moving again in that
maddening circle.
                Assailed from
every direction, taken with powerful drives, she could no longer resist the powerful
pushing, pulling he evoked on her body.  Every nerve alighted with fire.  Her
cunt muscles screamed with white hot heat.  Swan gasped as the climax thundered
over her with a suddenness that stole her breath, her muscles quivering and
                His erection
jerked at the spasm milk of her sex, and still he plundered, sinking further
each time, until he nudged her womb and bruised her cervix.  She’d thought
she’d reached the pinnacle but she was wrong.
                Again the tension
climbed, urging her toward another wave of orgasm.  Her cunt rippled with the
ecstasy rolling through her, again and again.
                She screamed,
bliss and pain melding until she could stand no more.  She dug her fists into
the bed, the orgasm consuming every fiber of her being until she could feel
nothing else but the power of his body pushing into her.
                He cried out
hoarsely as his shaft pulsed one final, soul rending time, jerking as his seed
spewed his release within her depths.
against her, forcing her to drop to the bed, he breathed raggedly against her
neck, pressing soft kisses along the curve.  He pulled his shaft out with a
heavy sigh, leaving her feeling strangely bereft of his warmth.
                “You feel so
good,” he murmured against her ear, kissing the tender hollow.  “No other could
replace you.”
                Swan shook,
utterly exhausted, wondering over his admission.
                A knock at the
door saved her from responding in kind.  Raphael rose, taking with him the heat
that warmed her.  Swan sat up on her knees and

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