Seduced by the Beast

Seduced by the Beast by Jaide Fox

Book: Seduced by the Beast by Jaide Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaide Fox
“Do not ... kiss
me.”  A kiss was too intimate, too impossible to ignore.  Some said souls
crossed and mated when mouths joined as one.  True or not, it weakened her
resolve to remain aloof.  It was a risk she could not endure again--not from
                A long minute
dragged by until he sighed heavily.  “Agreed.”  He released her wrists and
skated his palms down her arms, down further, teasing the sides of her breasts
exposed by the torn edges of her gown.  She shivered as he moved lower, along
the dipping curve of her waist, his mouth raining kisses down the length of her
                Smoothing her
hips, he backed away from her, teeth scraping the top of one cheek as his
fingers traced the bottom crease of her buttocks.
                She felt him
smile against her.  “You have a delightful dimple ... here.”  He pointed the
spot out with his tongue, lathing the smooth flesh.  A shiver skimmed her
spine, increasing her sensitivity to his warm touch.
                Swan jerked at
that wet heat, cooling rapidly as he moved lower.  He dug his hands between her
thighs, his thumbs rubbing her nether lips.  She shivered at the unfamiliar
                “Part your legs
for me, Swan.”
                “Why?” she asked,
her breath stolen and raspy in her chest.  Unbidden, an intense wash of heat
pulsed between her thighs.
                “I want to taste
all of you,” he near growled.
                A hot flood
saturated her cleft, her cunt spasming at the rush caused by his guttural words. 
She leaned forward, resting on her stomach as he spread her legs and stroked a
finger up her wet slit.
                Swan grabbed
fistfuls of satin, and bit the fleshy part of her hand as he nuzzled her nether
lips, breathing hot against that forbidden, secret place.  No man had ever
dared put her in such a position.
                It was too much. 
She’d die from anticipation.
                “I’ve not nearly
begun,” he murmured, muffled by her depths.  The wet probe of his tongue slid
into her swollen folds, teasing the entrance to her womanhood with a tickling
press that had her knees nearly buckling.
                When she tried to
close him out, his hands gripped her powerfully, unwilling to accept her
retreat.  He wrapped his arms around her thighs, forcing her wide apart to
accept his devouring mouth on her weeping cunt.  The lap of his tongue in so
intimate and untouched a place made her feel weak and submissive.
                She moaned when
she heard his wet slurping sounds as he drank of her body, sweeping through her
juices as a man dying of thirst.
                “You … should …
not…,” she said on a gasp, crying out when he stabbed her anal hole—a place
that had never known intimate touch.
                His fingers drew
a heated line around her thighs to her needful, throbbing clit.  He rubbed it
in rough circles, spearing her tightly puckered bud and drawing a cry of
pleasure from her throat.
                His chin rubbed
her pussy, making her cream and buck against his rampaging mouth.
                She widened the
part of her thighs around his legs as he knelt between them, tilting her
buttocks high to allow his access.  He grunted, delved deeper then moved to her
neglected pussy.
                The first stroke
past her aching slit against her swollen nub made her gasp for air.  He flicked
his tongue at a rapid tempo, slipping easily in her juices.  A shock wave
radiated from her core--she jerked against it, grinding back into his face,
unable to control her response.
                He broke away,
replaced his tongue with his fingers once more, cradling her clit between the
stroking digits.  Nipping the crease of one buttock, he moved over the
roundness until he

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