Pearl Harbor Betrayed

Pearl Harbor Betrayed by Michael Gannon

Book: Pearl Harbor Betrayed by Michael Gannon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michael Gannon
    I am grateful to many persons who assisted me in the research for this book. I thank archivists John E. Taylor, Barry Zerby, and Sandy Smith at the National Archives and Records Administration, Archives II, at College Park, Maryland; Sally A. Cravens and her fellow librarians in the Documents Collection of the University of Florida Libraries; and Jim Craig, of Micrographics, Inc. Leonidas Roberts, Professor Emeritus of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Florida and a Martin PBM Mariner pilot in the Pacific War, devoted many hours to helping me solve the time-to-intercept problem described in chapter 6. Daniel A. Martinez, National Park Service historian at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, kindly conducted me on a detailed tour of the harbor and base installations. Vice Admiral David C. Richardson, former deputy commander in chief, Pacific Fleet, who has spent many years studying the operational history of the Pearl Harbor attack, generously shared his information with me at the admiral’s home in Julian, California.
    For biographical research on Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, I express my thanks to the admiral’s sons, Thomas K., now deceased, and Edward R., in Wilmington, Delaware. The admiral’s grandson, Thomas K., Jr., in McLean, Virginia, who is an accomplished Pearl Harbor scholar, has helped me on more occasions than I can count. Others from whom I have learned are: Captain Edward L. Beach, USN (Ret.), a distinguished naval historian and good friend; the late John Costello; B. Mitchell Simpson III; Commander Thomas Buell, USN (Ret.); Paul Stillwell; David Hackett Fischer; Robert Neuleib; David W. Richmond; George Victor; and David Chalmers.
    A special thanks is given to my agent, Michael Congdon, and to my editor at Henry Holt, the esteemed Jack Macrae. Barbara Smerage assisted with preparation of the manuscript. And, as usual, my best helper, critic, and friend during the writing was my spouse, Genevieve.
    Three paragraphs in chapter 2 and two in chapter 6 derive from my article “Reopen the Kimmel Case,” in Naval Institute Proceedings , vol 120/12/1, 102 (December 1994), pp. 51-56. I thank the Naval Institute for their permission to use that material.

    The index that appeared in the print version of this title does not match the pages in your eBook. Please use the search function on your eReading device to search for terms of interest. For your reference, the terms that appear in the print index are listed below.
    ABC-1 Staff Agreement
    Adams, Emory S.
    ADB Agreement
    Admiral Scheer
    Advance Expeditionary Force
    aerial reconnaissance
    see also distant aerial reconnaissance
    air attack (Pearl Harbor)
    danger of
    defense against
    air attacks, carrier-borne
    air power
    air raid drills
    lack of,
    lost in Pearl Harbor attack
    Aircraft Warning Service (AWS) Radar
    Alwyn (DD-355)
    American public
    American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers)
    Anderson, Walter S.
    Andrews, Adolphus “Dolly”
    antiaircraft (AA) armament
    in Pearl Harbor attack
    Antiaircraft Intelligence Service (AAAIS)
    Arizona (BB-30)
    Army Air Corps
    Army Department
    Army Pearl Harbor Board
    Arnold, Henry H. “Hap”
    Asiatic Fleet
    Atlantic Charter
    Atlantic Conference
    Atlantic Fleet
    B-17 Flying Fortresses
    Baecher, John Ford
    Bagley (DD-386)
    Barnes, Harry Elmer
    barrage balloons
    Battle Force
    Battle Force Destroyers
    Battle of Midway
    Battle of the Atlantic
    Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
    Battle of Tsushima Strait
    Battleship Row
    attack on
    in defense plan
    displaced by carriers
    failure to protect
    Japanese strike force
    lost in Pearl Harbor attack
    at Pearl Harbor
    primacy of
    Beardall, John R.
    Beatty, Frank E.
    Bellinger, Patrick N. L.
    Bellows Field
    Berle, Adolf A.
    Bicknell, George W.
    Biesemeier, Harold
    Black, R. B.
    Bloch, Claude C.,

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