Pearl Harbor Betrayed

Pearl Harbor Betrayed by Michael Gannon Page B

Book: Pearl Harbor Betrayed by Michael Gannon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michael Gannon
    Hopkins, Harry
    Hori Teikichi
    Hornbeck, Stanley K.
    Hornet (CV-8)
    Hull, Cordell
    and attack on Pearl Harbor
    and export controls
    â€œFour Principles”
    and message No. 902
    and modus vivendi
    and negotiations with Japanese
    and Nomura
    Ten-Point Note
    and war warnings
    Huseman, Howard
    Hu Shih
    Hypo Station
    Ickes, Harold
    Idaho (BB-42)
    Iguchi, Takeo
    Imperial Navy Operations Plan for War Against the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands
    incidents at sea
    Indianapolis (CA-35)
    occupation of
    see also French Indo-China
    Ingersoll, Royal E.
    Inoue Shigeyoshi
    denied to commanders
    denied to Kimmel,
    regarding Japanese strike force
    location of Japanese carriers
    mishandling of
    withheld from Pearl Harbor
    see also Magic (intelligence)
    intelligence (Japanese)
    from Honolulu Consulate
    messages intercepted
    about U.S. Fleet in Pearl Harbor
    intelligence services
    intercept stations
    see also message intercepts
    Tripartite Pact
    Itaya Shigeru
    â€œJake” planes
    in China
    codes and ciphers destroyed
    conflict with U.S. regarding China
    deceptions by
    disarmament compacts
    flaunting of international law
    â€œfleet faction”
    Foreign Ministry
    government structure
    Imperial Navy
    import of raw materials
    Liaison Conference System
    losses at Pearl Harbor
    movement toward war
    naval construction program
    Pearl Harbor attack plan
    strategic theory
    strategy hokushu nanshin
    tactical victory became strategic defeat
    trade with America
    â€œtreaty faction”
    war preparations
    Japanese Army
    war preparations
    â€œJapanese Attack Plan”
    Japanese Consulate, Honolulu
    intelligence agents
    Japanese Fleet
    Japanese inhabitants in Hawaii
    Japanese Mandated Islands
    Japanese Navy
    war preparations
    Japanese strike force
    approach to Oahu
    see Joint Congressional Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack (JCC)
    Johnston Island
    Joint Board
    Joint Coastal Frontier Defense Plan
    Joint Congressional Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack (JCC)
    bomb plot messages in
    Elliott testimony
    Hull’s statement to
    Kimmel testimony
    Marshall testimony
    McMorris testimony
    Safford testimony
    Schulz testimony
    Short testimony
    Stark testimony
    Stimson testimony
    Turner testimony
    Judd, Walter Henry
    Kagoshima Bay
    Kalbfus, Edward C.
    Kaminski, Harold
    Kaneohe Bay
    Kaneohe Naval Air Station
    Kate planes
    Kato Kanji
    Kato Tomosaburo
    Kearny (DD-432)
    Kensuke Horinouchi
    Kenyo Maru
    Khota Baru
    Kido Butai
    Kimmel, Husband Edward
    and attack on Pearl Harbor
    and attack on Wake Island
    blamed for Pearl Harbor
    charges against
    colloquium on
    command of Pacific Fleet
    criticism of
    and defensive strategy shift
    emphasized carrier operations
    friendship with Stark
    and his sons
    and intelligence
    JCC testimony
    Marshall’s alert to
    messages not sent to
    messages sent to
    not informed
    not warned about Pearl Harbor attack
    performance evaluations
    relationship with Short
    relieved of command
    and Roberts Commission
    Stark’s warning to
    War Plan WPPac-46
    and war warnings
    King, Ernest J.
    Kinkaid, Thomas C.
    Kirk, Alan C.
    Kita Nagao, Consul General
    Kitts, Willard A., III,
    Knox, Frank
    and attack on Pearl Harbor
    and decrypted messages
    and negotiations with Japanese
    report to Roosevelt
    and Roberts Commission
    Kokuyo Maru
    Kondo Nobutake
    Konoye Fumimaro, Prince
    Konoye Cabinet
    Kota Bharu
    Kramer, Alwin D.
    Kuroshima Kameto
    Kurusu Saburo
    Kusaka Ryunosuke
    Kyokuto Maru
    Lahaina Roads
    Landon, Truman H.
    Layton, Edwin T.
    account of Pearl Harbor attack
    and bomb plot messages
    and winds code
    League of Nations
    Lend-Lease Act/program
    level bombing aircraft
    Lexington (CV-2)
    Leyte Gulf
    â€œlights code”
    Lockard, Joseph
    London Naval Disarmament Conference
    London Naval Treaty
    Luzon Island
    MacArthur, Douglas

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