Lost Without Them
aren’t they?” he asked.
    Shane snorted. “It’s amazing they really think that will work.” He looked over at James. “I get a sense that she’s close.”
    “I’ve felt it too. How do we check around town, though, without causing suspicion?”
    “I’m not sure yet,” Shane replied.
    “Keep thinking on it. In the meantime, I’m going to check back in with Connor and see if he’s found anything out.”
    Shane nodded and leaned against the tree, content to remain and watch the human’s amusing attempt at capturing them.

Chapter Eleven
    Sam stepped into the house and noticed the emptiness right off the bat. It had only been days, yet he’d already become used to the idea of Keegan being there when he got home.
    He strolled into the kitchen and saw the notepad sitting on the island. He studied her scribbled words, noticing the neat cursive writing and the way she curled some of the letters. It was delicate, just like her. Well, if Keegan could really be called delicate. Despite her soft-spoken demeanor, she had a strength that surprised him.
    The front door opened, and he heard her laughter before he saw her. He pushed the note aside and looked up just as she rounded the corner. Her smile lit up her face and made her eyes sparkle. Sam’s chest tightened at how good he felt when she was near.
    Was this what love felt like? Was it even possible to fall for someone so fast? His father would say yes. His father would tell him to hold her close and not let her go.
    “Hey, you’re back,” she said as she set the bags full of groceries on the island.
    Sam leaned down and captured her lips in a quick kiss. It felt like the natural thing to do, and he did it without thinking about it.
    “You look awfully happy,” he said, grinning.
    “Well, I’ve been doing every woman’s favorite thing.” She grabbed a gallon of milk from the bag and set it in the fridge.
    “And what might that be?” Sam asked as he rummaged through the second bag.
    “Spending money that isn’t mine.”
    Sam laughed and handed her the cookies he’d pulled from the bag. They were Cody’s favorite. “I see my brother went with you,” Sam drawled as he tipped the box of cookies before placing them in her hand.
    “Well, I can’t very well drive myself without a driver’s license,” she said. “How do you guys eat so much junk food and still stay so trim?”
    “We work it off,” Sam replied as he threw the empty paper bag into the garbage. “Taking care of a ranch can be hard work. There’s lots of physical labor.”
    “Well, that’s true,” she said with a nod.
    “Where is Cody?” Sam asked.
    “He’s talking to George.”
    Sam inclined his head in acknowledgement. “Are there any more groceries?”
    She looked at him around the fridge door and grinned mischievously. “What do you think?”
    “Well, I know Cody went, so there’s probably a lot more.”
    Sam left the kitchen and smiled as Keegan’s giggle followed him all the way to the front door. Yep, Sam could definitely get used to this.
    KEEGAN HEARD THE door shut and tried to ignore the cold fingers of dread that had been working their way up her spine all afternoon. A feeling of being watched everywhere she went had kept her looking over her shoulder.
    She could sense eyes on her even now. With a frown, she held her hand out and pulled the can of spaghetti sauce from the bag. It flew three feet through the air to land in her hand. She still couldn’t get over how she could do this. She just had to be careful and not let Sam or Cody see. The last thing she wanted to do was freak them out.
    She set the sauce in the pantry and shut the door. She heard the boys come in, and waited for them to bring the bags to the island. They were both smiling as though they shared some private joke as they set the bags on the counter.
    Eyeing them skeptically, she reached into the bags and began pulling out cans of food. “You guys look like you’re up to something.”

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