Lost Without Them
eaten this good since before Dad died.”
    “Did your dad cook?” she asked, genuinely curious about their father.
    “No, but there was a woman who really liked Dad who would come over and cook for him pretty often. It was her way of trying to win him over,” Sam said.
    “Did it work?”
    “No,” Cody replied. “Dad liked her and was always very appreciative of what she did for him, but he said he’d already had the love of his life; he didn’t need anyone else.”
    “That’s sad for her,” Keegan murmured. “To love someone like that but not have that love returned.”
    “She was a nice lady,” Sam said. “She still pops by on occasion and checks on us. She misses Dad, I think.”
    “Did she ever marry anyone else?” she asked.
    Sam shook his head as he put another bite of food into his mouth.
    “Why haven’t you two ever married?”
    Sam swallowed and looked at his brother for help. Keegan frowned, wondering what they were about to tell her.
    “Well,” Cody began. “As you know, Sam and I like to share.”
    “Really?” Keegan teased. “I would’ve never imagined such a thing.”
    Cody returned her amused look. “We would like to find a woman who would be okay with that, and, well, those are few and far between.”
    I’m okay with it.
    “That’s understandable. I mean, if you think about it, one woman always sandwiched between two men. It could be very overwhelming, time-consuming. Some women might see it as too much.”
    “Some women, huh?” Sam asked.
    Keegan shrugged one shoulder. “Some. I, on the other hand, have found it to be quite entertaining. I have the best of both worlds. Sweet and tender,” she said as she smiled at Cody; then she looked over at Sam. “And then there’s wild and wicked.”
    Cody laughed. Sam grinned. Keegan waited to see what they would say.
    “Yep,” Sam drawled. “And there’s twice the testosterone, twice the temper, twice the stubbornness.”
    “You’re stubborn? Surely you’re mistaken.”
    Sam leaned on his elbow and pointed his finger, pretending to chastise her. Keegan grinned and curled her finger around his. He rubbed his thumb along her knuckle before releasing it and resuming his dinner.
    “Just what kind of tempers do the two of you have?” Keegan asked. “Should I be concerned? Should I carry a gun for protection?”
    Cody choked on his bite. Sam struggled to swallow past his laughter. “We’re not quite that bad,” Sam said as he reached for his glass of tea. “I tend to yell. Get it off my chest, and it’s over. Cody tends to simmer. He’s much slower to anger. There’s actually been very few times I’ve seen him angry. But I promise you, Cody or I would never hurt you.”
    “I know that,” she said softly. “I’m not really sure how, but I do.”
    “So what about you?” Sam asked.
    She frowned as she realized she had no idea what kind of temper she had. Sam tilted his head as he reached out to cover her hand with his. “I’m sorry, Keegan. I had actually forgotten that you still can’t remember.”
    “I sometimes get images that last about a split second. Things I don’t recognize, people I don’t recognize.”
    She was still hesitant to tell them about the voices she’d heard. Could that have also been some memory trying to return, or was it just her imagination?
    “That you’re remembering anything at all is probably a good sign,” Sam said. “You may wake up any day now and remember everything.”
    “But what if I don’t like what I remember?” she whispered.
    “What do you mean?” Cody asked.
    Keegan shook her head. Pulling her fingers from Sam’s, she waved her hands, dismissing the subject. “Let’s don’t talk about this. Let’s keep things light and fun, like…”
    Cody held his hand up and waggled the condoms. “Like the fact that two condoms are not nearly going to be enough?”

Chapter Twelve
    Sam chuckled as he watched Keegan work her way around the kitchen in one of his shirts. She

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