Intuition by Crystal St.Clair

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Authors: Crystal St.Clair
he chuckles.
    “Let me out of here, Dennis is waiting for me.”
    Trees zoom by, and the road lines don’t stop flashing past. Drew doesn’t stop the car. “Dennis is waiting for me, let me out, now!” I order.
    His hand grips my leg really hard. “I’m not letting you go, Destiny.”
    His foot pushes harder on the gas pedal to accelerate speed. I quickly unlock the door and roll out of the Porsche, keeping my head and arms close to my body. Everything is a blur before landing into a nearby grassy ditch. My thigh aches where force was released from Drew’s hold. My spine cracks and muscles pull as my aching body unravels and I lay on my back, waiting. Footsteps crunch towards me as my eyes struggle to open. I gather all of my strength to stand up. The adrenaline that starts pumping through my body is enough to pull me to up onto my knees and gain back some consciousness.
    My hair pulls back like it's ripping from my scalp. “You whore! You couldn’t just stay in the fucking car!” Drew’s voice rages into my ear.
    A gun clicks. “Stand the fuck up and get your ass back in there and don’t try to fucking run away again because I will kill you,” he threatens dragging me back to the car, then throws me into the front seat and slams the door.
    “Where are you taking me?” I demand.
    No response.
    “I said, where are you fucking taking me, dammit?”
    My head aches from a severe migraine. The car continues to drive north. “You were never sent by Dennis to watch me, were you? My brother would never do this to me!”
    “Your brother is a fucking pansy. He gave his manhood away for pussy. He turned down a million dollar deal for a fucking chick. A stupid slut. He could have had it all in the porn industry, he was good. He didn’t want any part of it when he discovered that we were also the biggest sex trade in America.”
    “Dennis would never be a part of that!”
    “We will get our money back, starting with selling you. But first, I want some of this...”
    “You fucking Bastard!” I let out a scream before his gun smacks me on the back of my head. 
    My eyes open only to find that we have come to a complete stop in front of an abandoned building. The kink in my neck makes it hard to move my head around. A migraine palpitates so hard it’s hard to see much of anything but a blur. Something wet and cold drips from my forehead. It’s blood. My head must have smashed against the dashboard when Drew hit me. I let out a groan as my trembling hand wipes my aching flesh.
    What the fuck happened? Where the fuck are we? Drew isn’t going to answer that.
    My instinct is to look for an exit, a chance to run. The problem is, Drew has a gun, and there is no way that I can outrun a bullet, just try to hide from it.
    Don’t talk to them, don’t tell them anything! Just go along with as much as I can, and maybe they won’t hurt me because I won’t seem like a threat. Freaking out is the worst thing to do from what I’ve seen in horror movies and in my nightmares.
    My body is too weak, and I’m afraid. I’m afraid of him taking advantage of me knowing that it will be harder to fight him off in this condition.
    “Get out!” Drew threatens with his gun.
    I wipe the blood off of my hand onto the seat. “Where are we?”
    “Just get out of the fucking car or these guys will do worse to you,” he refers to the two men standing at the big wooden door at the back of an abandoned warehouse.
    A short, husky man is dressed as a mobster while the other one looks more like a hillbilly, tall and slender with tattered jeans. Drew grabs my arms and slaps handcuffs around my wrists. They squeeze so tightly it feels like there isn’t much room for my blood circulation to flow. Drew stands with the men for a chat. I do as he says and walk towards the bizarre trio.
    Wherever we are, we must be in the middle of nowhere. On the other side of that forest, I can hear vast traffic. We’ve gotta be close to a highway! If only I

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