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Authors: Crystal St.Clair
can make it over there.
    Hillbilly zips the duct tape and rips a big piece off then stretches it across my mouth. “Don’t fucking touch me!” I yell.
    Drew grabs my hair and pushes me forward, “Stay still, dammit!”
    Hillbilly’s hand gets too close to my mouth, so I bite him hard. My teeth pierce through his skin and draws blood. I spit the torn skin into my palm and quickly stick it in to my pocket without anyone seeing so it can be tested for DNA later.
    So much for obeying their orders.
    His horrifying screams startle the birds and force them to fly away scared from the screeching curse words.   
    “What in the fuckin’ tarnation did you do that for? I’ll shoot you, whore, and leave ye down by the crick!”
    Hearing his voice is enough to make my ears bleed. Drew stopped him before he hit me.
    Hillbilly turns to the mob boss and shrieks, “Manny! Did you see what he did? I reckon he has a thing for this new whore.” He sniffles then wipes his freckled face.
    Drew rushes in, “She won’t be a problem, will you?”
    “Bring her inside!” Manny shouts. He must be in charge of this kidnapping. “Throw her in the room there and wait for the big guy. Not a finger on her until he gets here, hear me, Flick?”
    “Ye,” Hillbilly replies.
    Drew ties my hands and feet with rope around a wooden beam in the middle of the giant cellar. “See that door there?” He asks pointing to a  door sealed up by thick chains. “Behind that door are women. That’s a whole new porn industry behind those doors run by the boss.”
    “Who’s your boss?” I ask curiously.
    “Paul. He runs this whole city. Getting fucked and videotaped… you like to be watched don’t you?”
    “You sick son of a Bitch! You lay a fucking hand on me and I will…”
    “Like I said, I won’t do anything you won’t like. I see how you look at me, Destiny.”
    “When my brother…”
    Drew interrupts again, “Your brother is a part of this! If anything, he should be the boss man. Ladies drop to their knees like God damned flies for him.”
    “My brother would never!”
    “Oh yeah? I will show you-” Drew's fist stops in mid hair before instead of hitting me then he walks away clamming the door behind him. .
    My head folds down between my knees. What the fuck has Dennis gotten himself into? This is fucking insane! He’s irritating and obnoxious but humble; that is the Dennis that I know! This explains why he’s always gone but it still just doesn’t make any sense why! My earring falls out of my ear. The back must have slid off when my head got hit and knocked me out in the car. Sitting on the earring my bottom drags it forward as close to the beam as possible within my reach. My fingers grip the earring and chisel away with it at the rope. It’s a sad attempt, but worth the try. Sebastian and my dad are probably going nuts looking all over for me right now, they better hurry! Who knows what these idiots are planning to do with me. If I can hear Dennis then maybe he can hear me too. Whatever Dennis is doing with this place, I know that he won’t let me rot here. He would never have let these fuckers lay a hand on me, no matter what Drew said.
    Drew returns calmly and kneels behind me, “I can see the pain hidden in your pride. The sadness shows in your eyes; you aren’t kidding anyone. Not me anyway. I won’t let these stooges sell or treat you like an object. You are not those other women.”
    “You hit me! When Sebastian gets a hold of you…”
    “I don’t see anybody by your side but me.” He whispers in my ear, “You are mine.”
    I will never be his!
    Drew cuts the constricting ropes from my bruised flesh. “... to play with.”
    Drew is protective but wants to hurt me. He can’t protect me from the others or from himself. Maybe he can be used to my advantage.
    A blindfold covers my eyes and I’m lead to a hollow room. The floor sends chills up my spine as chilling as the screams coming from above. Drew must

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