Hell Bound (Book 1): A Vacation From Hell

Hell Bound (Book 1): A Vacation From Hell by Kathy Dinisi

Book: Hell Bound (Book 1): A Vacation From Hell by Kathy Dinisi Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathy Dinisi
Tags: Zombies
                  We bow our heads in prayer for a couple minutes and then we say amen together. I feel a little at peace after I finish my prayer. We dig into our peanut butter and jellies and our wonderful desert.
                  It‘s a small meal, but delicious just the same.  As we finish eating our meals and throw our trash in the trash can. I look out the window and see someone walking past the gas station.
             “Come here hurry.”
       Mathew and Kat come walking up to me and look out the window.
        “Is that a person or zombie?” I question.
         “A zombie….look at the way it’s dragging its back leg. And look at its arm and how it is hanging by its side,” Mathew answers back.
          “Does that mean they are near us or it’s a straggler?” Kat asks as she hurries and blows out the candles. The only light left inside of the store is the moon light shining into the building.

    Chapter 14
    Attack the evil that is within yourself, rather than attacking the evil that
    Is in others
                   “I think a straggler, we should keep watch, and I’ll go first,” Mathew says, staring out the window.
                  I give Mathew a kiss on his cheek and go back to where we were sitting down eating. We had brought in a couple blankets from the car, so we can make a bed. If you want to call it that, a hard cement floor hardly calls for a bed.
        Kat lies next to me on our bed.    
        “Good night,” she whispers to me.
        “Good night,” I say as I turn over on my side. I’m about to close my eyes when I hear Kat whisper,
          “Thank you both for letting me come along.You two are the closest thing I have to a family. I might not have family anymore.”
                  Before I have a chance to reply, Kat rolls over and faces away from me, ending our conversation.
         I finally doze off, just to get waken up by Mathew.
       “It’s your turn babe. There are more zombies outside. They just keep walking down the road.”
           Getting up and rubbing my eyes, hoping it would help me wake up. I stretch my arms out and try to crack my back. That cement floor sucked, but at least we were safe. I get up and go by the window to keep watch as Mathew lies down on my side of our makeshift bed.
                  Mathew wasn’t kidding, there seems to be a million zombies following the road. It’s weird that they are all going in the same direction. None of them are making a noise, just slowly dragging their bodies along the road.
                  Every once in a while I will see one of them trip over a dangling arm or their own leg and fall to the floor, slowly getting back up and keep walking.
                  I watch the zombies fall all over each other until my shift is over. I walk back to our sleeping area and lean down to wake up Kat. As she gets up and stretch out, I mention    
          “Just to warn you, there are a dozen zombies outside walking along the main road. Just stay quiet and wake us up at five am,” She nods her head and slowly gets up off the floor.                                                               
        The night went surprisingly well. The zombies outside didn’t bother us or even wonder over to the gas station. We eat breakfast and start to go throw all of the shelves and extra boxes in the storage room.
                  We find a handful of canned tuna, a baseball bat behind the counter and a handgun as well. The gun has maybe ten bullets, but it’s worth keeping. Maybe we can find more bullets later on, in our journey.
                  We pack what we can in shopping bags, which the clerk had behind the counter and put them by the back door. We really don’t

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