Biker Saviour: The Lost Souls MC Series

Biker Saviour: The Lost Souls MC Series by Ellie R Hunter

Book: Biker Saviour: The Lost Souls MC Series by Ellie R Hunter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellie R Hunter
customer’s items for them. She said it doesn’t sound much but apparently it gets very busy.
    “I can’t believe my dad agreed to this,” I smile.
    Then it hits me, it doesn’t matter if I’m in her shop or at the clubhouse, wherever I am I will always be watched by them. Still, it will be a change of scenery for me.
    “He seemed happy with the idea,” she tells me, turning around to Slade calling for her.
    “I’ll call you tomorrow to arrange when you can start but as soon as possible is better.”
    “Okay, and thank you,” I say, just before she runs off to her husband.
    I stand in the doorway watching them together, Slade wraps his arms around her protectively and kisses into her neck. Her melting into him makes me jealous, if he’s this affectionate in public imagine how he treats her behind closed doors. Now, I’m really jealous. If I had still been with Dean I would never have a chance to find that amount of affection for myself. Junkies don’t care for one another unless they are a meal ticket to scoring another hit.
    “They look good together, don’t they?” Ricky says, once again standing right behind me.
    “Will you stop doing that?” I snap, spinning around to face him.
    “Creeping up behind me, go creep somewhere else,” I tell him, moving away from him.
    “Superficial and a creeper, I think there’s a superhero name in there somewhere,” he grins.
    “More like a villain’s name,” I argue, unable to keep a straight face.
    “Who do you prefer, Kyla, the hero or the villain?” he asks, seriously.
    “I’ve never met a hero and the last villain I was with didn’t work out so great for me. What one are you?”
    “Which ever one I need to be,” he replies, “Which one do you want me to be?” he smirks.
    I step towards him and relief washes over me when he doesn’t back away this time. His eyes stay on mine with every step I take, I hold onto the front of his leather cut and pull him towards me as I lean into him.
    Softly I press my lips to his cheek, my whole body pulses when my lips touch his skin and I fight myself to pull away.
    Keeping my eyes on his backing away, I tell him honestly, “I want a hero.”
    This time I make it through the door and like a coward with a crush, I sit with my dad. There’s no chance he’ll try to talk to me with Pope around.
    “You okay, Ky? You look flushed,” my father says, ever the observant parent.
    “I had a little panic over the job Kristen offered me, I’m fine now,” I lie.
    “It will be good for you, not long term but temporarily it’s a good distraction.”
    “I know, I’m looking forward to it,” I grin, reassuring him. “And thank you, for everything. I know I still have a lot to deal with but I’m happy I’m here with you,” I add.
    “Little steps, one at a time, Ky,” he says, holding his hand on mine.
    “I’d really like it if I can call you dad again, I’ve missed it.”
    “So have I,” he admits, “I’ll always be your dad, Ky, I don’t like what you became but there will never be a time where I wouldn’t die to save you even from yourself.”
    I look away unable to see the genuine admission in his eyes.
    Ricky picks this moment to join our table and every time my dad is looking elsewhere, I crush under his heavy stare. God knows what my future looks like but I’m looking forward to finding out, especially if it involves Ricky being a part of it.

    The club is quiet. Unlocking the door to my room that I have called home since 1984 I breathe in the control I have completely here and lock the door behind me. After dropping Kyla off at the shop, it feels good to have her back on a clean playing field. The task is now to keep her away from anything that could send her into relapse. The last few days she has been tired but happy, Kristen has been keeping her busy and I’m glad she gave her the opportunity to start something new.
    The walls in my

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