Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded by Lolah Lace

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Authors: Lolah Lace
fucking win. I got played.”
    “No one played you. I love you. Nothing has changed. I love you. You love me.” I’m fucking quoting that purple dinosaur.
    “I hate you!”
    “Kari, don’t say that. I just need a little time to get Tess back to herself. She needs to be stable. In her present state I cannot leave her with my kids.”
    “That raggedy bitch is never going to be stable. She’s an unstable bitch with an asshole muthafucka for a husband. You two deserve each other.”
    “Kari I need you.”
    “Yeah you do. You need me to sprea d my legs. You need me to put my life on hold.”
    “Yes I need you to put your life on hold. I need you to stick it out with me. I promise I will come through for you.”
    “Kari Lynn Fenderson our love is bigger than this. It’s bigger than these obstacles. I need more time. I need you to hang in there with me. Stop being selfish!”
    “I can’t believe you can say this shit to me.”
    “I said it. Stop thinking about yourself all the fucking time. I have a lot of shit to deal with over here.”
    “Fuck you!”
    “I’m not breaking up with you. I just need more time.”
    “Why Mason? Why do you need more time?”
    “I told you. I can’t leave my kids alone with her right now.”
    “I don’t believe anything you say.”
    I stormed over to Kari and grabbed her up by her forearms. “You have to believe me. I’m not bullshitting you. I love you.”
    “No you don’t. If you loved me you would leave her. You would have divorced her. You would have left her a long time ago.”
    I started shaking her. “I do love you! ” I don’t know why I was shouting.
    “So why do you keep doing this to me?”
    I physically let her go.  She would never leave my heart. “I’m not trying to hurt you.”
    “But you are.” Kari started crying. I was shocked and I didn’t expect it so her tears scared the shit out of me. She was wailing. She was having trouble breathing. I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen in my spot.
    “Kari, stop!” I don’t know why I said that. My heart started beating fast but I couldn’t move. Kari could move. She started backing away from me. Her right fist was balled and clutched to her chest. She loosened her fist and snatched both her hands up to cover her face. “Kari!” She was so far away.
    My feet started working and I sprung forth and removed her hands from her face. I held her wrists and she collapsed to the floor. Oh God! Her eyes were slammed shut. Her crying moans were stabbing at my heart. I was trying to keep her on her feet but she refused. Her legs were like jelly. She wanted to hit the floor and I couldn’t stop her. I held on to her and followed her down to the carpet.
    “Kari, no, no no. Stop it. Stop now, stop it.” I grabbed her by her shoulders and started trying to shake her eyes open. “Look at me!” I moved as close as I could and I wrapped my arms around her. I embraced her hard. I was crushing her but she wasn’t moving. She wasn’t protesting. I soon realized she stopped crying. “Please Kari baby, look at me.”
    Her red and glossy eyes opened. She was looking into my eyes. I was looking back into hers but her stare was blank, empty, and vacant of emotion. She wiped the wetness from her face and just glared at me.
    “I’m done.”
    “I’m done with you.”
    I chuckled. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “No you’re not.” I tried to smile but my chest was pounding and aching like I had been punched in the heart.
    “Mason, I am done with you. It is over.”
    “Why would you say that?”
    “The list is too long.”
    “You know I would never let that happen.”
    “You don’t have a choice.”
    “I will never let you go.”
    “I don’t want you anymore.”
    What? No. “You’re lying.”
    “I’m not. I can’t do this anymore.”
    “You love me.”
    “ Fine, I just don’t want you anymore. I’m done. Look me in my eyes and see that I mean

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