A Colony on Mars

A Colony on Mars by Cliff Roehr

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Authors: Cliff Roehr
cheap jewelry to mount them in to make them look like dime store stuff to the untrained eye. I wil be sending a shipment like this out on every ship for the next several years. I wil give you your numbered account information as soon as I have it. Aside from that you are just going to have to trust me and my family until you return to Earth. The next evening Tim and Carla were discussing their situation.
    “According to what Paul has told us we are going to have more money in Switzerland when we get back than we have in the United States, Carla.” “I am stil a little uneasy about that Tim, that's an awful lot of money and those relatives of Paul's wil have our account number.” Not this next ship but within the year I want to post a letter to our Trustee and have him make periodic withdrawals from our Swiss account and deposit the money in our trust account at the bank. Then I want to order him to begin a regular stock purchase program of acquiring shares in Mars Colony, Inc.” “I can see having him deposit the money in our trust account but why would you want shares in Mars Colony, Inc. They have never turned a profit and they never wil .” I made some inquiries about The Company before we left. It seems that 20 of the 25 richest individuals and corporations on Earth are behind it. They each put up one Bil ion in seed money to get The Company going. So far they have gone through that 20 bil ion and the investors have already kicked in another bil ion each and you are right The Company has yet to make a dime. Here is what I think, The Company has arranged to take title to Most of Mars. I suspect, they already have title to everything that is here except the Government cavern, and they are just using the taxpayers and the Government to help them with development expenses. Carla within a year we are going to be taming a cavern as large as a U.S. State and The Company will own it all. I have also considered the possibility that The Company already knows about the diamonds but they don't want to destroy the diamond market either. It's a fluke for me to have stumbled on to the ones I found, we were drilling with Water pressure because our dril bit wasn't working and the diamonds that I picked up were forced up with the mud. I didn't even know what they were but they fascinated me and I figured they were worth picking up. We used that slag to finish up around the hole and to mount the generator on, I would imagine there is as many diamonds that I did not pick up as there were those that I did pick up. Eventually we will be closing that generator down and then I will have a chance to go through the rest of that mud. In the meantime those diamonds are safe and secure and I wouldn't want to do anything that looked suspicious, we can afford to let them lay there for two or three years. I will go over and poke around near the surface in a couple months like I am checking up on how our installation is holding up. If any are near the surface I of course wil pick them up.
    CHAPTER – New Years 2108
    The workers in the colony had planned a gala celebration for new years eve. It was new years on Earth but who knows what it is on Mars. That didn't matter these folks had always celebrated new years and this would be no exception. When Tim arrived at the colony there was a group of Government employees that had organized a little Country and Western band and were entertaining from time to time when people gathered. They even played on Saturday evenings at the mess hall dining room and many couples and singles went over there to dance.
    Some of the Government employees, like Paul had done had figured out ways to get some booze shipped in. It was against company and Government policy which tended to make it very expensive, but the ones who had been there for a while had their ways. A few folks always had a few drinks on Saturday evening at the mess hall.
    Not to be out done several of the people who had arrived with Tim had also formed

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