Zombie Battle (Books 1-3): Trinity

Zombie Battle (Books 1-3): Trinity by Jacqueline Druga

Book: Zombie Battle (Books 1-3): Trinity by Jacqueline Druga Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jacqueline Druga
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
contagious virus, what if . . . Hans was infected and escaped.
    That had to be it.
    Slightly panicked, because the virus had left Peru, Irma raced to the house phone. It was then her cell phone rang.
    No one really called her cell phone. Irma told them not to because Saul hated using minutes, even though their daughter told them about unlimited usage plans.
    Irma was unsettled with surprise to see it was a call from Saul’s cell. Something was definitely up.
    “Sauly,” she answered the phone with worried haste.
    “Irm, I don’t have a lot of time to talk . . .”
    “Sauly, what’s going on? I just saw the news. . Hans and . . .”
    “Irma, listen to me. Forget the news.”
    Irma heaved out a breath, hand to her chest. She closed her eyes and held tight to the phone. “I’m listening.”
    “I’m not sure, what will become of this, if anything. It may fizzle. But, pack a bag, call Sara, go get her and little Jerry . . .”
    “Saul, is it . . .”
    “Do it. Hit the ATM, get as much cash as you can, head north to your sister’s and stay there. “
    “What’s wrong with our home?” Irma asked. “Can’t I get our daughter and grandson and bring them here.”
    “Get out of Atlanta, Irma.”
    “We brought cases back with us . . . I just need to feel secure. Understand?”
    “Then you’ll go.”
    “Yes.” Irma nodded, even though he couldn’t see her.
    “Take the phone charger for the car.”
    “I will.”
    “And, Irma . . .” Saul paused. “Bring the gun.”
    Before Irma could say anything, Saul was gone. The line went dead. She stared at it knowing full well he didn’t dramatically hang up. Never in all of their years together did he ever end a call without saying, ‘I love you’.
    It had to be bad. Irma prepared to call her daughter. She would then pack a bag, get Sara, and before she left Atlanta, she was going to see Saul. Because she didn’t know, with the way he sounded, if she would see him again. She just didn’t know.
    Saul lifted his eyes to Jack. He stood there, armed and somewhat intimidating as he held Saul’s phone.
    Saul nodded slowly. “Could you have had less of a dramatic timing in taking that phone?”
    “Sir, I gave you a minute. I have to delete this call history before they found out I let you make that call. I was supposed to just get this from you.”
    “I know. I know.” Saul watched Jack, his large fingers fumbled with the phone. “Problem?”
    “Yeah, 1998 called and wants this phone back. What the hell?”
    “If you’re trying to delete the history, I haven’t a clue. It’s an old phone.”
    “No shit.” Jack breathed out. “Okay, you have it.”
    “What?” Saul asked.
    A few more moves of his fingers and Jack handed the phone to Saul. “Here. See if you can figure out how to delete that last call.”
    “What was it you did?”
    “I sent your wife a text telling her you loved her. You know, just in case.”
    “Thank you.” Saul examined his phone. He stood, and then paused in his phone manipulation. “Sergeant. I know they took your phone. Did you need to call your wife?” He extended his phone to Jack.
    Jack shook his head. “Thank you. But I’ll figure something out. I’m sure I’ll get to call her soon.” With a motion of his head, Jack placed a hand on Saul’s back, leading him to the door. They were leaving the basement sanctuary, even if only briefly, for the meeting with Dr. Powers.
    Gene Powers was an amazing mind. Well ahead of his time in thinking and technology. If anyone could figure out what was going it was him.
    Jack stood guard outside the door, and only two individuals went inside. Saul and Steve.
    Powers looked frazzled, three laptops set upon his desk. His graying hair was tossed about and glasses were a tad crooked.
    “If I were my teenage son,” Powers said. “I’d probably phrase it as we’re, well, screwed.”
    Steve chuckled. “Come on. Screwed? Who is screwed? Us? CDC?

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