Winning Back His Wife

Winning Back His Wife by A. B. Ewing

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Authors: A. B. Ewing
give me a chance, I will
spend the rest of my life trying to gain your forgiveness, your trust and your
love back. I promise!” He continued to plead his case.
    She didn’t turn away, just continued to look at him with
that hurt look in her eyes. He was the one guilty of putting that look there.
    She deserved to be so much happier than this. Caleb did the
most natural thing that came to him. He took her chin in his hands and drew her
lips to his.
    The world exploded on impact. She tasted so good just as she
did all those years ago when he kissed her for the first time. There was no
hurry. There was nothing sexual about this kiss. It simply said “I love you!”
    Pulling away, he rested his forehead against hers and
breathed, “One more chance, Neela, please.”
    Before he could hear her answer, the chime of the doorbell
echoed across the house.
    Swearing under his breath, he hesitated a little before he
got up to get the door.
    All the way through the house he prayed that whoever was at
the door would hurry and leave so he could get back to his family, back to his
wife. Caleb was sure she was going to say yes. His heart lifted at the thought.
She was going to give them another chance.
    That same heart fell right back down into his stomach when
he opened the door and saw the woman standing on the other side.
    “Caleb darling, I got so tired of waiting for your call, I
just thought I’d stop by,” she purred as she walked past him and entered the

Chapter 13
    It was amazing what love could do to a person. Just a one
touch and one heartfelt, tender kiss and she was ready to say yes. She was
ready to put the past five years of hurt and betrayal behind her and move
forward with her life.
    What the hell was wrong with her? Was she a complete and
utter moron? ‘For God’s sake, Neela, have you forgotten just what that man has
done you? Love him or not, you cannot go back to the way things were.’
    Giving herself a mental shake, she tried to concentrate on
the noise that was coming from inside the house. Whoever was at the door, Caleb
was not pleased to see them.
    Above the screams and laughter from the children in pool,
Neela could hear Caleb’s raised voice. Second to his, she could hear a familiar
female voice just as loud. They were obviously arguing on the move, because the
voices became louder as they drew nearer.
    Neela groaned out aloud when she identified the owner of the
voice. God, she was not ready to face that woman yet. Coming to think of it she
didn’t think she would ever be ready.
    “How dare you ask me what am I doing here? I every right to
visit! You said give her some time and then you would call. I’ve given you two
weeks and still you haven’t called. Two weeks, Caleb,” the woman concluded as
she came to stand before Neela, legs spread, hand on her hips.
    Squinting, Neela brought a hand up to block out the sun that
was obstructing her view of the immaculately dressed woman that stood above
    “Hello, Neela, it’s been a while.”
    Neela threw a look at her husband who was hovering behind
like a hen with her chicks. The damn man looked as if the sky was falling in.
Drawing her gaze back to her visitor, she responded in the calmest voice she
    “Hello, Helen. What brings you by?”
    Caleb stayed glued to the spot, staring at the two women in
front of him. Two of the most important women in his life and he wasn’t sure at
all how this whole situation was going to play out.
    In the past, he had never been there to defend Neela against
his mother’s viper tongue but it would be different now. If there came a point
where he had to make a choice between the two, there was no question who would
have to walk. Neela was the other half of him and he was going to do everything
possible to protect her. He just prayed his mother did not mention Lori or
Craig. He needed to do that in his own time.
    In an effort to get his mother’s attention, he called,

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