Trinity by M. Never

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Authors: M. Never
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lays on his back pulling my limp form on top of him. Through all the madness, I didn’t realize they didn’t come.
    “I got a taste of Shane’s lips. Now, it’s time I get a taste of yours.” Chase traps my face, fusing his mouth to mine, stretching my jaw wide as he plunges his tongue halfway down my throat. The feel of Shane’s fingers causes me to groan as he spreads my dripping arousal from my puffy folds up the line of my ass. He breaches the hole with one finger, pumping lightly.
    “This is where I want to come,” he adds a second digit and stretches as Chase slips back inside me. I’m so wet, the two of them glide effortlessly in and out.
    “Brace yourself, baby,” Shane mutters in my ear as the tip of his cock pokes at my wanton little rosebud. “I need you so bad. I’m going to push right in.” Before I even have a chance to protest, Shane penetrates me fully, burying his cock balls deep into the resistant little ring. I struggle and screech against Chase’s death grip on my cheeks as he swallows my uncomfortable moans, the initial bite morphing into a dull burn before blistering pleasure.
    “That’s my girl. I knew you could take it.” Shane circles his hips, exploiting the tight muscles of my channel. My eyes roll back as they fuck me collectively. Chase never releasing me from our kiss.
    Blazing moments pass as three bodies become one. As we each seize and shudder and shake, finding sweet release in the confines of one another.
    The feeling of two red-blooded males coming inside me is unlike any other experience on the planet. Being with them, loving them is like worshiping a whole new religion.
    Sweaty, breathless, and replete, I drift off secure in their arms. My last thought—their embrace is exactly where I’m meant to be.

I HATE WAKING UP ALONE. I stretch out, taking up the whole bed. I sigh as I look up at the coffered ceiling. I’m getting too used to this room. This place.
    These men.
    If I don’t get up, they’ll keep me in bed all day again, forcing me to submit to their every wicked whim. I find myself smiling. I like their wicked whims.
    All of them.
    I pad out barefoot into the living room in just one of Chase’s white undershirts and a pair of panties. The punishing my body took last night has left me deliciously sore. A good pain I can most definitely live with. I find Chase sitting at the dining room table, shirtless, sporting glasses and reading over what I assume is work material. He has that pensive, studious lawyer look on his face. I know he’s focused, but I just can’t help myself. I climb onto his lap and into his arms, disturbing his work. He doesn’t seem to mind one bit.
    “Morning.” He tightens his grip and presses a long, lingering kiss on my lips.
    “Good morning,” I purr, looking up into his big brown, penetrating eyes. “These,”—I push the thick, black-rimmed glasses up his nose—“are sexy. How come I didn’t know you wore them?”
    He grins guiltily. “I hate them. I usually live in my contacts. But my eyes were killing me this morning. So I caved.”
    “I wish you would cave more often. I like you in glasses.”
    “Really?” He’s pessimistic.
    “Really. They’re Superman sexy.”
    “Now you’re stretching it.”
    “I mean it! There is something about a man with muscles and glasses.”
    “If you say so,” he smirks modestly.
    “I do.” I push lightly on the glasses once more. “Where’s Shane?”
    “Surfing.” Chase nods at the window.
    “I should have known.” He always sneaks in some board time in the morning. “What are you working on?” Papers are spread out all over the glass table.
    “Sales and acquisitions. It’s a blast.”
    “That looks like a lot of acquisitions.”
    “Not as many as you may think. Each one just has an unbearable amount of paperwork.”
    “Clearly.” I resist the urge to joke if the Corkscrew’s procurement is among that paperwork. But a dig like that could open the door to some

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