To Love Twice

To Love Twice by Heather McCoubrey

Book: To Love Twice by Heather McCoubrey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heather McCoubrey
feel good knowing you’re there,”  Erin
said.  She paused a moment to get her voice under control.  “Kate, my
    “What happened?”
    “I don’t really know.  Luke said she got off the bus
and was walking up the driveway.  Sophie started crying, so Luke turned
from the door to soothe her.  The next thing he knows, brakes are
screeching and Lily’s lying in the street.  We don’t know if she saw
something, someone or what happened.  The driver was this little old woman
and she was hysterical.  The paramedics had to give her something to get
her to calm down.”
    “Was she able to tell you what happened?”
    “No, she was too hysterical and when they finally got her
calmed down, she went into shock and wasn’t able to talk.  Oh God,
Kate.  I have chills, I can’t catch my breath.  I don’t know how to
feel or what to do.”
    “Talk to her, Erin.  Let her hear your voice. 
Hold her hand and pray.  That’s all you can do.  I’ll be praying all
day for you.”
    Kate continued to talk to Erin until she was called away by
her husband.  “Don’t worry about anything here, Erin.  I’ve got this
covered.  Focus all of yourself on Lily and your family.”
    “Thank you, Kate.  I’ll keep you updated.”
    The day flew by, which surprised Kate.  As worried as
she was for Erin’s daughter, Lily, there was so much to do to get the new
product lines launched.  Kate had been in meetings most of the day with
the suppliers and the retailers.  Working out the details of everything
and trying to make everyone happy was very difficult.  She had new
admiration and respect for Erin.  She made it look so easy, but after
today, Kate understood why Erin was plagued with headaches at each product
    Leaving the office well after eight that night, Kate decided
to order up room service and check to see if there was an update waiting for
her from Erin on Lily’s condition.  Kate had paused several times
throughout the day to offer up a prayer of healing for Lily and peace for Erin
and Luke.
    The next morning, Kate woke early to the phone
ringing.  Fumbling around for the receiver, Kate managed to knock her cell
phone and book of the nightstand before finally grabbing the receiver and
putting it to her ear.
    “Hello?”  Kate answered.
    “Kate, it’s Erin.”
    Sitting up, Kate turned on the lamp beside the bed. 
“Erin!  Is Lily okay?”
    “She’s awake!”
    “Oh, thank God!  Erin, that’s wonderful!”
    “She woke up a couple of hours ago.  She asked for some
water and told us that she hurt,” Erin snorted.  “We haven’t asked her
what happened, she’s still pretty out of it.”
    “How are you and Luke holding up?  What do the doctors
have to say?”
    “The doctors are saying it’s good news that she’s awake and
talking to us.  She recognized us immediately and knew the answers to all
those memory questions they ask.  They’ll do some more scans soon to ensure
all is okay inside her head and that there’s no surprise internal bleeding.”
    “I’m so happy that she’s pulled through.  I can’t even
imagine how you and Luke must be holding up.”
    “We’re doing okay.  Before she woke up, I wanted to
throw a temper tantrum and throw blame everywhere.  But I can’t.  I
know how Lily and Sophie operate, they move so fast-”
    “All kids do, any parent can tell you that,” Kate
    “Right.  And poor Luke, he’s devastated.”
    “Don’t let him beat himself up over this, Erin.  You
know he will,”  Kate said.
    “Yeah, I’ve been trying to talk him down from that ledge,”
Erin’s voice broke.  “But I know if I was in his place, I’d be doing the
same thing.”
    “What can I do, how can I help?”
    “Doing what you’re doing.  You’re such a good friend,”
Erin said gratefully.
    “I wish I was there with you,” Kate said softly.  “I
know that I’m doing good here and that you need me here since you can’t
be.  But

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