To Love Twice

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Authors: Heather McCoubrey
ricotta cheese and gently drizzled with blood orange
syrup, Kate leaned back in her chair and sipped her tea.  “That was
delicious.  I’m kind of glad I don’t live here, I’d eat in this restaurant
every night and end up gaining fifty pounds!”
    Edward laughed, “I doubt that very much.”  Taking a sip
of his coffee, he glanced into Kate’s eyes.  “Do you have plans tomorrow
    “Not really.  I would like to visit the aquarium and
the London Eye this week, but I don’t have anything specifically planned. 
With work so crazy, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do any sight-seeing this week,
    “Would you care to join me on a driving tour of the
    “I don’t know.  I mean, it sounds lovely and all,” Kate
    “But we’re still just strangers, right?”
    Laughing, Kate nodded.  “I’m sorry.  That must be
incredibly insulting to hear.”
    Edward shook his head.  “Not at all.  How about we
meet for dinner again?”
    “I would like that.” Kate’s smile was bright as she gazed
into Edward’s eyes.  “Very much.”
    “Excellent.  Shall we meet at the Mews tomorrow night
at seven?”
    “Absolutely,” Kate agreed. 
    “Let me give you my number in case you get held up,” Edward
    Kate laughed.  “It’s ok, I think I have it.  You
left me a note at the front desk and it included your number,” Kate explained
at Edward’s quizzical glance.
    “You got it!  Brilliant, I wasn’t sure if they’d kept
it all this time.”  Edward grinned.  “I’m glad that didn’t scare you
    “Not at all.  It made me smile,” Kate rose and gathered
her things.  Edward took her coat from her and helped her into it.  When
was the last time someone helped her into her coat?   Kate sighed with
pleasure.  It was these small things that she missed.
    He was going to be trouble for her heart and she wasn’t
entirely sure she was ready to put herself out there again.  The past five
years had been hell in some ways and Kate was just now starting to find her
    “Thank you.  I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kate smiled and
turned to leave.  She thanked the hostess on her way out.  Once she
made it through the door, she paused and inhaled deeply.  What was she
doing?  Her heart felt giddy and light.  A feeling she hadn’t
experienced in so long.

Chapter Twelve
    Kate awoke to the ringing of the phone again the next
morning.  Knowing it was Erin, Kate took an extra moment to wake up and to
turn on the light before she answered the phone. 
    “Good morning, Erin,” Kate said, her voice gravelly from
    “Oh, Kate, did I wake you?  I’m sorry,” Erin
    “No worries, Erin.  How’s Lily?” Kate asked as she sat
up in bed, pulling the covers around her to keep warm.
    “Much better.  She was less groggy today.  The
doctors reviewed the scans and haven’t found any internal bleeding.”
    “Excellent, I’m so happy to hear that,” Kate
interrupted.  “Thank God.”
    “Indeed.  And thank you for all your prayers,” Erin
said.  “How are things going in London?”
    Kate gave Erin a report on what had been happening at the
office.  She tried not to go into deep details, wanting to spare Erin any
added stress.
    “It sounds like things are going well.  I really
appreciate you taking the helm on this project, Kate.  You’ve really made
it so I can just focus on Lily and my family.  You have no idea how much I
appreciate that,” Erin said.
    “You know I’d do more if I could,” Kate said.
    “Yes, I do.  So, what else is going on in London?”
    “Well, guess who I bumped into last night?”  Kate asked
    “Not the incredibly handsome Edward?”
    “The one and the same,” Kate laughed.  “I went to Tempo
last night for dinner and he was in there.  We ate together and made
another dinner date for tonight,” Kate told her.
    “Are you kidding me?  That’s great, Kate!  I’m so
happy for

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