Thug Matrimony

Thug Matrimony by Wahida Clark

Book: Thug Matrimony by Wahida Clark Read Free Book Online
Authors: Wahida Clark
leaving Kaylin stuck on hard. As bad as her pussy needed to be touched and stroked? Sheeit. He was the petty one. At that point, she and her hormones instantly got mad.
I should fuck him up, for fucking up.
Something had to give … and soon.
    He eased into the front, adjusted the seat and everything else before pulling off. He was clearly pissed. They rode the first ten minutes in silence.
    “Angel, I can’t do this shit.”
    “Play these fuckin’ bullshit-ass games, that’s what.”
    “Then man the fuck up and take on your responsibilities or don’t fuckin’ touch me anymore, and you damn sure don’t have to worry about me touching you. We’ll keep everything strictly business. But I mean it when I say, no wedding, no pussy.”
    “You wasn’t saying that crazy bullshit before we got married.”
    “Helloooo,” Angel sang. “We never fuckin’ got married!” she screamed.
    “You know what the fuck I’m talkin’ about.”
    “Yeah, you know what the fuck I’m talkin’ about. You allowed your ego to fuck everything up, even though I’m still married to you but you’re not married to me. You’re married to your pride. So … my bad, for believing in what I thought we shared.” Angel’s voice dripped with sarcasm.
    “Well, that was my fuckin’ bad!”
    Silence filled the car.
    Damn. What was supposed to be a happy morning turned into total chaos,
Angel thought to herself.
Fuck him! I wasn’t the one who left the altar.
    “Red. You know what? I’m through. Fuck it!” Kaylin snapped.
    “Hummph, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
    “I can show you better than I can tell you.” He looked over at her. “Strictly business, right?”
    “What? What the fuck is you sayin’? You
you don’t even want to go there. So play with it. That’s what I want you to do. Remember, what you do I can do better.” Angel wanted to cry, but mustered up enough strength to not give him the satisfaction.
    “You can’t even push your foolish pride and your fucked-up ego aside for nothing, can you? If not for me, then at least for the baby.” When he didn’t respond, she said, “You fuckin’ asshole!” The longer he remained quiet, the angrier she became. “You think you slick, nigga, but hell no. I was gonna say fuck you too. I’m out. I’m moving out. But fuck that, I think that’s what you want me to do. Nah, Kay. I’m not letting you off the hook. You can forget that. You pulled me off my square, temporarily, and actually won this round. I’ma give you that. But you ain’t getting out of your responsibilities with me or the baby. Like I said, till death do us part. Say what you want, do what the fuck you want to do. Now take me home.”
    “I’m not going to have enough time to take you home and be at the office by ten thirty.”
    “Fine. Let me out. I’ll take a cab.”
    “We got work to do, Angel.”
you’re gonna let me take a day off, Kaylin!” Tears were streaming down her face. “Stop the fucking car now, Kaylin.”
    “Red, do yo see a muthafuckin’ cab anywhere?”
    “I don’t give a fuck. I’m sick of hearing and looking at you for one day. You sound stupid and selfish. I am really hating you right now and if I stay here any longer, I won’t be responsible for what I’ll do or say to you.”
    “Fuck,” he mumbled as he hit the child safety locks and sped up. “I’m sorry.”
    “Sorry? Sorry about what, Kaylin?” She was crying hard.
    “Sorry for getting you all upset.”
    In the middle of Angel’s crying bout she started laughing. “Isee that there is no hope for you. I might as well throw in the towel. After I have this baby, we’re out. Fuck you, Kaylin. You egotistical, stupid … son of a bitch! I can’t even find the words for you. Sorry for getting me upset. Is that all you’re sorry for? What about everything else, Kaylin?”
    It took her damn near an hour but she finally got her emotions and frame of mind together. He refused

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