Throb (Club Grit)

Throb (Club Grit) by Brooke Jaxsen

Book: Throb (Club Grit) by Brooke Jaxsen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brooke Jaxsen
off his cock and started to rub it with just my hand instead, feeling the veiny meat throb in my hand.
    Jason didn’t need further instruction, forcing himself off of my pussy as I kept him in my hand, keeping him ready and hard. He pressed his fingers into me as we shifted so I was back on my back and he was on his knees, ready to join into me. Pressing down on my lower walls with his fingers, he pulled them out as he pushed the head of his cock in, my natural moistness mixed with his saliva to form a wet highway to pleasure for the both of us.
    “Jason, I’m so close,” I said, pulling close to him and wrapping my legs around him, forcing his dick up into me. My hips started rocking involuntarily.
    “I know babe, so am I,” he said, his dick throbbing and twitching inside of me, in a way it could only do on its own, when it was ready to explode. I kept letting my body do its own thing, because it knew what I needed more than I did right now. It knew how to pleasure itself and to pleasure Jason, and I wasn’t about to interfere with evolution, with nature.
    As my walls started to clench and increase their pressure on Jason’s shaft, I pulled myself all the way up, so that our torsos were touching, my breasts against his pecs, my chin in the crook of his neck. The next moment was seconds long but it felt like my life had been put on pause.
    As Jason pulled away from me to kiss me, I looked in his eyes and saw pure joy, pure bliss, pure contentment. Our lips met like crashing waves against the beach, fighting to erode whatever barrier remained between the two of us, and as his tongue entered my mouth, his cock throbbed desperately for the last time.
    As my grip around him increased, as if he was an anchor line and I was a kite in danger of flying away, so did my walls around his shaft, with increasing rhythm and power. I didn’t just need his cum in me, I needed it inside of me, and there was only one way my body could ensure that happened: by forcing it up into me with my own powerful orgasm, made more pleasurable by the fact that I had climaxed at the same time as Jason. Jason’s cum warmed me from the inside, the way that his kisses warmed me from the outside, pressing his heat into me and my heart.
    And then, in a second? It was over. My arms and legs, suddenly tired, fell to my sides, but Jason kept his grip on me even as he untangled our limbs gently, placing me on the bed and pulling a sheet over me, over us.
    “So, are you going to Club Grit this weekend, now that you’re not part of Omega? It’s going to be awfully lonely without you there to keep me company,” he teased. “I might just have to resort to serving bottle service, just to get the free conversation.”
    “I’m...actually going somewhere this weekend,” I said.
    “Oh, are you visiting your parents or something?” he asked, brushing a lock of hair out of my face.
    “No, I’m going to New York,” I said, avoiding what he was really asking about.
    Pressing a lock of hair behind my ear, he asked, “Are you going with friends or by yourself?”
    “It’s for work,” I said, hoping he’d get the clue.
    “So, you’re seeing Keanne?”
    “Is that a problem?”
    “Becca, it’s your life, not mine.” He put one of my hands in his and gave it a squeeze to let me know he wasn’t mad at me, but I wasn’t so easily convinced.
    “Jason, do you have a problem with me seeing him?”
    “Becca, it’s really not a big –”
    “Don’t you finish that sentence, don’t you dare, Jason. Obviously, it’s a big deal for you, and obviously, you have an issue with me seeing Keanne. I don’t know why, though,” I said, frowning.
    Jason rolled his eyes. “Really, Becca? You have absolutely no idea?”
    “Maybe if you told me, I’d know, what about that?”
    “You want to know what I think, Becca? What I really think?”
    “Yeah, I do,” I said, looking at him seriously.
    Jason looked up at the ceiling and so

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