THE WARNING A Novel of America in the Last Days (The End of America Series Book 2)

THE WARNING A Novel of America in the Last Days (The End of America Series Book 2) by John Price

Book: THE WARNING A Novel of America in the Last Days (The End of America Series Book 2) by John Price Read Free Book Online
Authors: John Price
this rich, powerful and influential
latter day nation would be fairly young in terms of the history of the world.
That sure fits the US I think. Any last thoughts before we wrap it up in our
men’s and women’s prayer times?”
             “Liz, Max’s wife, who generally deferred to her husband,
said, “Yes, Scott, we haven’t talked about the great voice and land of
entertainment clues. Both fit America like a glove….whenever we speak the world listens ….maybe because we’re the hammer of the whole earth, huh?
Who else makes more movies and TV shows than we do? I saw one statistic that
America produces 90% of all of the
movies made in the world. We really are the land of entertainment.”
             “Good comment Liz.” Scott responded, “Last chance. Any other
             Marty, respected in the group for her spiritual insights,
concluded the discussion, “Yes, Scott. Two clues. This prophesied future end
times nation was said to be proud against the Lord. Un-huh. That fits us….now. Match that up with the clue that
prophesies that this nation had a past. That is that it had been used by the Lord. The verse says that ‘Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the
Lord.’ That wouldn’t apply to ancient Babylon which was a war club in God’s
hand to punish Israel, but it certainly would apply to the US. We founded modern missions in the 1860s and covered the globe
with missionaries, tracts and the gospel, for decade after decade. Some good
things are still happening, but look what we are sending into the world today.
Pornography, foreign aid bribes to adopt abortion laws, same-sex marriage, you
name it and we produce and export it. John in Revelation calls it the
‘maddening wine of our adulteries’. How God must be sick of how we have misused His abundance poured out on us. God
help us.”
             “Marty, that’s a good place to end because next week we’re
going to look at the nine abomination nation clues. So your comments are a good
segueway to next week. I wouldn’t miss it. Let’s go into our prayer groups. God

Wide Web
             Experts in the use of the internet are not in agreement as
to why some e-messages go viral and yet most don’t. The G.A. Anonymous memo
entitled America’s Communist Takeover not only went viral, if there is such a phenomenon, it went hyper-viral. Within
ten days of its initial dissemination on the net it was forwarded to others by
over fifteen million readers. Within two weeks over forty million Americans
received the incendiary memo.
             So many Americans had read the memo that eventually the
mainstream media were forced to report on its content. Virtually every article
or televised report ridiculed the memo, criticizing it as “another example of
right wing kooks making up things to criticize our besieged President”. A CNBC
report was typical of the treatment given to the widely read memo:
             “Bruce, the latest
buzz among the radical right is an e-message that is ridiculous on its face.
It’s entitled ‘America’s Communist Takeover’.”
             “Tom, did you just say Communist? Are
these Neanderthals not living in this century? Don’t they know that the
Communists fell from power when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991? 1991!
Tom, how can these wingnuts look in the mirror? Think what they are saying….They
accuse our President of being a….what?....A Communist, of all things? If they
want to criticize his policies, I think they have the right to do so, though
it’s difficult to do so, given the success of those policies. But, Tom, these
unprecedented attacks are over the edge. I don’t know any Communists and I dare
say that most Americans have never met a Communist. Since 1991, as I said, they
just don’t exist anymore.
             “Bruce, since this attack, may I
say….this scurrilous attack….has been made on our

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