THE WARNING A Novel of America in the Last Days (The End of America Series Book 2)

THE WARNING A Novel of America in the Last Days (The End of America Series Book 2) by John Price Page B

Book: THE WARNING A Novel of America in the Last Days (The End of America Series Book 2) by John Price Read Free Book Online
Authors: John Price
mean you have to move offshore, out of the country. Out of
America . Soon.”
             He was getting increasingly irritated, “Un huh. And what is
the reason for such an unsolicited piece of unwanted advice, may I ask?”
             “It comes as no surprise to you, of course, that you have
enemies in high places - very high places .
How many people in your field get attacked, by name, by the President ?”
             “I just tell ‘em to get
in line . I’ve been attacked by experts through the years. These guys are amateurs . Rank amateurs. They don’t
bother me a….”
             “ Stop ! What I have
learned has nothing to do with words of scorn from the White House. Now, pay
attention. Close attention. My third
son is an agent with a federal agency that’s so secret that it has no name . No address. No funding entry in
the budget. You get the idea. My son knows we are friends. He’s not a particular fan of yours, but he
does believe that you have the Constitutional right to express your opinions on
the air - the public airwaves.”
             “Nice to know he’s not
a fan . So what does your secret agent son have to do with anything?”
             “No reason to be smarmy .
He was in a meeting last week where your death was discussed.”
             He choked on his cigar’s swirling smoke, “ Chuff, uhhum. Chuff… .What did you just
say? My death ? You’ve got just one minute to explain yourself before
I call security, sir .”
             “A kill order has gone out. You’ve been declared an enemy of the state ; a domestic
terrorist. Under the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act you
can be eliminated. It’s been decided .
If you don’t leave the country you will not be alive to continue to broadcast
your views.”
             “Alright, I’m sorry I was a bit harsh there, but you have to
understand I get death threats all the
time . Have for years. What makes this any
different than….”
             “Good question. Very
simple answer . This leak is a gift to you because we’ve been friends and my
son just happened to learn of the
kill order. Otherwise, in a week, maybe two, no more than three, you’ll be on
the brown side of the grass, as they say. It’s your decision. Believe it, act and live . Ignore it and die .
Don’t forget what happened to Glenn. Have a nice evening, ol’ buddy.”
             Twelve days later radio listeners across America were
shocked to hear their favorite radio talk show host announce, “Folks, America’s
premier radio talk show will now be called Radio
Free America , as I am broadcasting to you from my new location, offshore
from America. Where? I know my audience, so I know that millions of you right
now are asking…. where did he move? Where is he now? Folks, I don’t want to
invite a drone visitor, if ya’ know what I mean, so I won’t be divulging my location. My fact-filled and incisive show is
being recorded here in my new home location. Then, each day it will be bounced
through at least ten locations around the globe, so that my location will
remain a secret. We change the routing every day, sometimes more than once a
day. I suspect that Radio Free America will be shut down on certain radio stations, as more station owners get
threatened. But we’ll be on most of
the radio stations as before, and certainly available on the internet. At least
for a while. Who knows how long?
             “Folks, Radio Free
America may be the last source that thinking Americans have to get the
truth. Most of us who paid attention, the non-low information crowd, knew that
Fox wouldn’t be long term. All the White House had to do was influence one man, the owner of Fox. Which, of
course, they have now unfortunately accomplished. So, here I am, Napoleon on
Elbe, in exile, broadcasting the truth, as long as I can. Oh, by the way, for
the folks in Yorba Linda, I’m

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