The Recruit (Book Three)
soft lips as she moaned sweetly. When she thrust her tongue into
his mouth, he sucked firmly on it, and she arched her hips into
    She tasted like
whiskey and bad choices, and with a loud groan he forced his mouth
away from hers. “Seriously, we need to stop.”
    She frowned at
him. “No, we don’t.”
    “Yes, we –

    She grabbed the
front of his shirt and yanked hard. The buttons flew off and she
gave a soft squeal of delight before pressing her mouth against his
bare chest. He groaned again and then cursed loudly when she sucked
firmly on one flat nipple. His back arched and he cupped her head,
threading his fingers through the dark curls as she sucked and
    “I think you
like that.” She whispered. She licked her bottom lip as her hand
squeezed between them and she cupped his cock.
    “Hmm, something
else wants a good sucking.” She winked at him.
    “You are
fucking killing me, woman!” He moaned.
    She giggled
softly before suddenly stripping her shirt off. He stared hungrily
at her breasts and, his hands shaking, cupped them gently. He ran
his thumbs over her nipples, feeling them harden against the soft
material of her bra and she moaned loudly.
    Her hands had
moved to his belt and they were unbuckling, unbuttoning and
unzipping. She slipped her hand into his jeans and wrapped her
fingers around him.
    “My goodness.
You’re nice and thick, aren’t you?” She made a soft sound of
delight and he moaned as she stroked him firmly.
    “Sit down,
Reid.” She surprised him by shoving him hard in the chest. He
dropped with a loud grunt to the couch, and she quickly knelt
between his legs before reaching into his jeans and tugging his
cock free.
    “Selena, wait!”
He gasped out as she bent her head.
    “I don’t want
to.” She said primly before sliding her mouth over his cock.
    At the feel of
her wet, hot mouth, he cried out and forgot entirely about her
making her stop. He forgot about her being drunk and being worried
that he was taking advantage of her, and arched his hips up off the
    She made a
muffled sound of surprise as his cock slid further into her mouth
before she sucked enthusiastically. Her soft tongue traced the head
of his cock as she slid her hand around the base of him and pumped
    “Fuck!” He
moaned as he threaded his fingers through her hair again and held
tightly. She licked his entire cock before taking just the head
into her mouth and sucking in a wet, hot rhythm that had his toes
curling. He panted and moaned above her, his hips rising up and
down helplessly as she brought him closer and closer to the
    “Selena!” He
gasped. “I’m going to come!”
    She stopped
immediately and he made a soft groan of dismay as she climbed into
his lap. She rubbed her pussy against him and grinned.
    “We can’t have
that, now can we, Reid?”
    “I think we
can.” He muttered.
    She laughed and
kissed him. He could taste himself on her mouth and it drove his
need higher. He crushed her against his broad chest as he stroked
her tongue and nipped lightly at her lips.
    She reached
between them and rubbed his cock. “I need you to fuck me, Reid.
Right now. Will you? Will you make me feel good?”
    “Yes.” He
whispered. “Hell, yes.”
    “Good.” She
stroked his face with her soft fingers. “Take me to your bed. Make
me yours.”
    An odd little
shiver went down his back at her words and he studied her carefully
before tracing her bottom lip with his thumb. “Mine.”
    Without another
word, he held her firmly and stood up. He carried her to the bed
and set her down gently. He lay down next to her and placed his
hand on her flat stomach as he kissed her upper chest lightly. She
moaned in response and he moved to her throat, licking and sucking
gently at her soft skin.
    “Do you have a
condom?” She muttered.
    He sat up.
“Yes, don’t move. I’ll be right back.” He stood up from the bed and
gave her an almost anxious look. “Don’t go

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