The Querulous Effect

The Querulous Effect by Arkay Jones

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Authors: Arkay Jones
pulled down the lever and swung open the heavy metal door to open the hold. A neon light flickered on as the door opened to reveal all the packing cases and luggage still neatly stacked.
    â€œWhat’s that noise?” queried Tim as they entered. They all listened intently. Through the deep throb and whine of the flying boat’s engines they could hear a higher whining noise. Then from behind a pile of packing cases in the corner, there came a scrabbling noise followed by three distinct yelps. Tim and Ella scrambled over the cases to investigate and as they pushed a case aside a scruffy white blur shot out and made straight for them.
    â€œChip!” they both exclaimed. “No wonder we couldn’t find him before we left,” said Ella, “he must have sneaked on board with the luggage.”
    Chip was clearly overjoyed to be reunited with the children, fussing round excitedly.
    The Prof was less pleased.
    â€œPoor Mr. Stiggles,” he said. “He’s probably still searching for Chip and worried out of his mind. We’d better send a radio message to say that he is here with us. But first we have to explain to Squ. Ldr. McDoon that we have a stowaway on board! I’ll go and do that whilst you find your warm clothes. And you’d better find a fleece that you can cut and shape into a coat for Chip; he’ll need it if he is going to stay with us.”
    The children were worried that Squ. Ldr. McDoon might order Chip to be left ashore at Iceland or even marooned on some rocky island like the stowaways Tim had read of in his pirate books. In the event it was Mrs. McDoon who returned with news of her husband’s decision.
    â€œIt’s alright,” she said. “Everyone understands that Chip is a member of the team so he can stay. But you have got to ensure that he behaves himself. Meanwhile I’ll help you sew up a little coat as the professor suggested.”
    Tim and Jay took their thermal jackets and left Ella and Mrs. McDoon to sort out Chip’s needs. They went back to their seats and enjoyed the rest of the journey, now with clouds below them, which parted only occasionally to reveal the sea below, darker and rougher than when they had first left land.
    By the time Ella came back and Mrs. Mcdoon returned to her navigator’s seat, the plane was being buffeted about in strong head winds but the flying boat was well up to the job as it flew steadily northwards. Jay was musing about the icy wastes they might encounter when his thoughts were interrupted. Over the loudspeaker came the voice of Squ. Ldr. McDoon.
    â€œFasten your seat belts everyone and sit tight. We shall begin the descent to Iceland shortly.”
    The buffeting and rolling increased as the plane dropped towards the coast of Iceland, which they could just make out through the mist. They dropped quickly through the thin cloud and then with a shudder and bump the great plane put down on the water and surged to a stop. For a moment it bobbed and rolled on the waves, then Squ. Ldr. McDoon fired up the engine again and taxied the plane, splashing through the waves to a jetty running out from the mainland. Having radioed ahead, there were willing hands on the jetty to take the securing ropes and soon the flying boat was safely secured in Reykjavik bay.
    The rest of the day was spent with re-fuelling both the flying boat and themselves. The Prof spent time on the radio with the help of Mrs. McDoon and was able to inform everyone that Mr. Stiggles now knew that Chip was with them. He was also able to report that Tom Claythorne’s trawler was making good headway and ready to help if ever they needed it. With that good news, it was agreed that they would all sleep on board the flying boat and make an early start next day for the final stage of the journey to Greenland.
    As Jay put up his feet for the night and snuggled under a pile of blankets ready to sleep, he was full of excitement. Part of him almost

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