The Principles Of Lust

The Principles Of Lust by Sasha White

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Authors: Sasha White

    With less than a week until Lush’s opening day, Teal Jamison didn’t have time to time to fuck around. Especially with something as frustrating as some punk kids spray painting nasty messages on the front of her building. Pissed off and stressed out about all the piddly little things that kept screwing up her plans, she strode into her soon-to-be art gallery muttering to herself only to stop dead in her tracks.
    Anger turned to desire and excitement of a different sort flowed through her at the sight that greeted her. Soft faded denim stretched lovingly across perfect tight male glutes.  
    All thoughts of temperamental artists, inconsistent suppliers, and juvenile delinquents evaporated as she watched the man straighten from his bent over position and enjoyed the sight of a worn leather tool belt framing his ass perfectly.  
    Now, that’s a work of art.  
    “Looking’ good, Zach,” Teal purred as she dropped her backpack on the reception desk and continued in his direction. An hour or two of uncomplicated no strings naked wrestling with him would certainly take the edge off her stress level.  
    The carpenter ran a loving hand over the custom built mahogany shelf he’d just installed before turning to her. “Thanks, Teal, but I’m just helping bring your vision of the place together.”
    “Oh, I’ve no doubt the gallery will be beautiful, but I was referring to the view when I walked in.” She winked at him and gave his impressive form an obvious once over.  
    His eye’s flared brightly at her brazen comment before they closed in a slow, lazy blink that made her knees weak. When he looked at her again, the heat was banked and his smile was unhurried. “Well, that’s the point of the set up right? That the view be good from every angle?”  
    Zachary Dillon had come highly recommended as the finish carpenter for her new art gallery and she’d made it a point to be completely professional with him. But his work for her was almost done, and she was ready to be more than his boss.
    Her eyes followed his movements as he pulled a cloth from his tool-belt and wiped his hands. His rough, calloused, manly hands were large enough to hold her C-cup breasts and make her feel small. Her nipples pebbled in response to her thoughts and she lifted her gaze to his.
    “I was talking about you, Darlin’.” She couldn’t help it. Flirting had always been second nature to her, man or woman, it didn’t matter, she flirted and charmed … and usually got whatever she wanted.
    From the start, just being around Zach had made her blood heat and her pulse race, but she’d remained professional. Teal prided herself on always being a professional, no matter what job she was doing, but she was working for herself this time. Lush was her place. Her baby. And she didn’t want anything getting in the way of Lush’s success, especially her own libido.  
    Waiting until his work for her was completely done would be the smartest thing to do, but she’d had a shit day and her emotions were running high. Maybe letting herself go this once would be a good thing. One night of steamy love’n and her hormones would calm down, and she could concentrate on work again.  
    Yes, that was exactly what she needed.
    She touched his bare arm lightly and gave him the slow sultry smile that always got her whatever, and whoever, she wanted. “You’re looking good.”
    “Thank you.” His voice was a bit deeper as he shifted his weight to his other foot, taking him just out of reach. A knowing smile lifted his lips as he reached for the sweatshirt lying on a nearby stool, and pulled it on over his ragged t-shirt.  
    “I can’t do anything else until I pick up more varnish, so I’m done for the day. I’ll see you bright and early Monday, Teal.” He picked up an old wooden toolbox and waved to her with his other hand. “Have a good night.”
    Teal said goodnight and watched him saunter away.
    What the hell had just happened?

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