The Brass Ring
the breast pump. "Some big tough cop you are. You stand over dead bodies all day long, and then you freak watching someone express breast milk. You are such a big sissy."
    "Am not," CC scoffed as she started to walk away, feeling a little queasy from the sight.
    "Right," Stevie said as she rolled her eyes. "Remind me not to allow you to help my daughter with her homework."
    "Whatever," CC blew her off as she retreated into her bedroom.
    After she showered CC found Stevie working on her computer. "Don’t wake her," Stevie cautioned her.
    "But . . ." CC started protest.
    "Brad is picking her up in a few hours," Stevie explained patiently. "She’ll be very cranky if you wake her."
    "Right, I forgot." CC sighed in disappointment. "So that’s why you were doing that thing."
    "That thing?" Stevie chuckled. "Yes, Caitlin. That’s why I was expressing breast milk."
    "Does he have to take her overnight?" CC pouted.
    "He’s her father," Stevie explained in exasperation. "He would like to spend time with her."
    "I know," CC grumbled.
    Stevie looked up from her work and studied her sister for a moment. "No James tonight?" she inquired, slightly surprised.
    "No," CC clipped.
    "Sorry," Stevie apologized quickly. "I just thought that you two were . . . never mind."
    "You thought what?" CC questioned her as she looked over Stevie’s shoulder. For the life of her, she couldn’t understand what she was looking at on the computer screen.
    "Nothing," Stevie hedged.
    "Uh huh." CC sighed in disbelief. "Stevie, I’m not getting back together with Jamie. So just drop it."
    "I mean it," CC asserted.
    "Okay," Stevie agreed.
    "I’m serious," CC stated with conviction. "We’re just friends. Not even close friends, just neighbors."
    "Oh, is that why you two were making out the other night?" Stevie questioned her absently as she continued to work.
    "We weren’t making out," CC corrected her as she watch Stevie shut down her computer. Stevie stood and cast a look of disbelief at her before exiting her office.
    Frustrated, CC followed Stevie into the living room. "We weren’t," she growled.
    "Fine. You weren’t making out," Stevie conceded. "You were just wrapped up together like two snakes in heat. My mistake."
    CC massaged her throbbing temple. "Stevie, let me try to explain things to you," she began slowly.
    "I hope you do better then the time you tried to explain the facts of life to me." Stevie giggled.
    "I didn’t know you knew already." CC grimaced as she recalled the long ago conversation. "I certainly didn’t know you were gay." CC looked quickly out the front window, trying to see if Jamie had returned. She frowned, realizing that she hadn’t.
    "Look, Stevie." CC returned her thoughts to her sister who was eyeing her suspiciously. "Jamie is a part of my past. It’s nice that we no longer hate one another. But too much has happened between us and it’s been a long time. We’ve both changed."
    "Then why did you sleep together again?" Stevie pried.
    "We were drunk and emotionally vulnerable," CC said, trying to defend her actions. "I don’t know if you can understand that."
    "Caitlin." Stevie chuckled. "I’m an adult. In fact, I have a child of my own. That’s how I became a mother. Honestly, Sis, I think the two of you are using it as an excuse. I think you slept together because you wanted to. I also think that you still have some very deep feelings for the good doctor."
    "Don’t be ridiculous," CC gasped.
    "Am I?" Stevie asked her seriously. "If you don’t care then why do you keep looking out that window to see if she’s home yet?"
    CC wanted to crawl under a rock. She couldn’t argue with her sister. She didn’t understand what was happening. Stevie said goodnight and went upstairs to her bedroom. CC stood alone, trying to convince herself that Stevie was wrong.
    CC finally gave up and retreated to her own bedroom. Tossing and turning, she managed to get a couple of hours of sleep. When she woke up again, the

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