The Brass Ring

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Authors: Mavis Applewater
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Erótica, Romance, Gay, non lu, Lesbian
could find some release for her pent up frustration. Her hormones certainly didn't rule Jamie but she was human after all. And being constantly turned on by someone she couldn't have was beginning to wear on her. Add that to the fact that she couldn't seem to alleviate the situation herself. This aspect was really working her nerves.
    She went to the bar with her co-workers who were either gay or gay-friendly and ran into Liz. The brunette had pursued the young blonde doctor before but Jamie never gave her a second glance. Last night Jamie had a sudden change of heart. In hopes of releasing herself from the pain she was feeling, she decided to give Liz a chance. They ended up in Liz's car. During the heavy petting session, Jamie became upsettingly aware that no matter how hard the brunette tried Jamie wasn't going to be able to climax. Liz was persistent. Jamie tried to clear her mind to focus on something that would help her along the way. It turned out to be a poor choice. She ended up doing the one thing you should never do. They were kissing and it wasn't Liz's name that crossed her lips.
    'Why did I think of CC? Why was it her face that entered my thoughts at that moment?' she thought as she recalled the hurt look on Liz's face. She apologized profusely. They straightened their clothing. Liz just walked away from her in a stony silence. When Jamie went to rejoin her friends, she found they had departed.
    Jamie drove around for hours trying to figure out the mess her life was becoming. Once again she found herself standing in front of the carousel at Cold Springs Park. Now she was home and feeling exhausted. She watched as CC stepped out on the deck with Emma wrapped up in her arms. She watched in amusement as the policewoman cooed and giggled with the infant.
    'I should have come home last night. It's where I wanted to be. So why did I go out and try to get laid?' she questioned herself as she fought back the laughter. CC was beyond adorable at that moment. She found herself blushing as she and her former lover exchanged friendly banter.
    "Why is Emma so dressed up this morning?" Jamie inquired, knowing that she was grinning like an idiot.
    "Her Daddy is coming over," CC answered brightly as she adjusted Emma's little outfit.
    "Oh," Jamie answered, more than a little curious about Emma's father.
    "Would you like to come over for coffee?" CC asked in a friendly tone.
    "Yes," Jamie answered quickly before she had a chance to think about it. Then she frowned. "Would you mind if I hopped into the shower first?"
    "Go ahead. When you're ready just climb on over," CC readily agreed. "If we're not here then we'll be inside."
    "Thanks," Jamie replied in gratitude.
    She rushed inside her house and dashed up the staircase. She wanted to join CC for coffee, but she had no desire to dog it when she looked like hell and had the scent of another woman on her body. Jamie showered quickly and tossed on sweatpants and a T-shirt. She knew what had been bothering her. For most of her life she had avoided relationships and simply sought pleasure on occasion whenever she needed it. Dating wasn't something she did very well.
    She had chosen to live her life this way because of a misplaced sense of mistrust. Now that she knew that CC had never meant to hurt her, she couldn't foresee continuing as she had in the past. Last night had proven that those days were indeed behind her. As she stepped over the railing onto CC's balcony her only question was 'But what am I suppose to do about it now?'


    J AMIE FOUND EVERYONE in the living room. She smiled as CC refused to hand Emma over to her mother. "Is she holding your daughter hostage?" Jamie inquired as Stevie glared at her sister.
    "It would appear so," Stevie teased. CC yawned as she held her niece tightly. "Did you get any sleep last night?" Stevie asked with concern.
    "Couple of hours," CC replied, yawning once again.
    Jamie felt a pang of concern that CC hadn't

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