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Authors: Mavis Applewater
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Erótica, Romance, Gay, non lu, Lesbian
smell of coffee was coming from the outer room. Dragging herself out of bed, she found Stevie changing Emma’s diaper in the living room.
    "Hey, my stinky little peanut," CC cooed at the child. Stevie laughed at her silliness. CC cast a pleading look at Stevie.
    "Go on." Stevie laughed as she handed her daughter over to CC.
    Stevie cleaned up the mess and washed her hands as CC held her niece, teasing her. Emma gurgled up at her aunt. "Do you want some coffee?" Stevie inquired.
    "It’s not that decaf crap you drink, is it?" CC inquired hesitantly.
    "No." Stevie smirked. "I made the coffee for Brad. He’s running a little late. He had to work some after hours party last night."
    "Well, if he’s too tired . . ." CC began as Stevie handed her a fresh cup of coffee.
    "He’s still coming to take Emma," Stevie chided her. "Give it up."
    CC shrugged innocently. She allowed her eyes to wander to the window once again, smiling slightly when she saw Jamie’s car in the lot. Feeling much better, she decided to enjoy the few moments she had with Emma. She carried the infant and her coffee out on the deck.
    It was a delicate balancing act. She had to keep the coffee safely away from Emma. Stevie opened the sliding door for her and left the two of them alone. CC placed her coffee down on the table and lifted her giggling niece over her head. She began making a series of silly noises much to the delight of her niece and, by the chuckling she heard, someone else was amused as well.
    She lowered Emma safely in her arms and cradled the child before looking over at the adjoining balcony. Jamie was leaning against the wall, still wearing a jacket. Her hand covered her mouth. She appeared to be fighting off a fit of laughter.
    "You tell anyone and you die," CC cautioned the doctor as she allowed her well-trained eye take in Jamie’s appearance. Green eyes flashed in amusement. "I have a gun," CC reminded her playfully.
    "Your secret is safe with me," Jamie responded warmly.
    They stared at each other for a moment. CC felt her heart breaking. Being a detective sucked at times. It only took her one quick scan to know that Jamie had just returned home. And by the smudge of lipstick on the blonde’s collar, CC could safely assume that she wasn’t working late. CC continued to smile despite the sudden rush of sadness. All the while she reminded herself that it was none of her business.


    J AMIE HAD BEEN standing out on her deck feeling lost. Last night had been a turning point for her; at least she hoped it was a turning point. Her shift at the hospital had been uneventful with the usual mix of heart attacks and extracting objects from person's orifices that really had no business being there. She was looking forward to heading home and spending sometime with CC.
    That was when the familiar panic she'd been experiencing lately crept in. She was growing far to fond of spending time with the attractive policewoman. Not to mention her hormones were reaching the explosion point every time she was near the tall dark-haired beauty. She couldn't deny the sexual desire that seemed to be coursing through her veins. But sleeping with CC wasn't really something that she considering doing at this point in time. She was fearful that if she rushed into CC's arms she would do so because of the memory of what they had once shared or out of sheer lust. Neither would be the basis for a good relationship. And if she were to reunite with her former lover, she wasn't going to settle for anything less. Then of course there was the question of what CC wanted.
    These thoughts had been troubling her since the two had slept together a few weeks ago. When some of her co-workers suggested going out that evening, Jamie felt it might just be the thing she needed. The thought of spending time away from CC and not dwelling on something she might never have was something she felt she should be doing.
    There was also the chance that perhaps she

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