The Boston Debutante (The Debutante Series Book 1)

The Boston Debutante (The Debutante Series Book 1) by William Roach

Book: The Boston Debutante (The Debutante Series Book 1) by William Roach Read Free Book Online
Authors: William Roach
At the same time he turned and slung her up in the saddle.
    “You keep trying to get on that horse that way and you are going to hurt yourself again. I don’t want any more cuts on that pretty face of yours.”
    About that time he heard water running off the horse’s belly.  He knew right away she had held it as long as she could. He looked up at her and her face was beet red , what he could see under the mud. He patted her on the thigh and smiled at her.
    “Good going Babe, now don’t you feel better now?” 
    She took a swing at him but missed.
    He grinned at her and said, “Macy you hot little thing you behave yourself before I go back on my word and suck those luscious lips off your face.”
    She looked down at him and replied, “Why don’t you stop bragging and start acting stud?”
    Turk’s jaw dropped as the shock of what she said hit him like a brick. He thought before she might have been a little upset at him for kissing her but now she was inviting him to kiss her.
    What she had just said was ringing in his ears.
    He didn’t say anything he just looked up at her eyes still looking down at him so innocent.
    “You little devil you keep asking for it and I am going to pull you off that horse and plant one on you, you won’t soon forget.”
    “She grinned at him with that twinkle in her eyes. He was wondering where that animosity was that they first felt for each other. It was gone and they were flirting with each other.
    Turk mounted his horse and went over to where the other guys were fixing the fence. The storm had knocked down another ten sections of fence but the men already had it back up.
    Megan pulled her horse up beside Macy. “What was that all about?” 
    “That darn Turk made me wet my pants.”
    Megan said, “Don’t worry about it. We are all so wet nobody would realize it anyway.”
    Macy replied, “That’s what Turk said and then when he threw me up on my horse so hard I let go and he saw it dripping off the horse. 
    He just smiled and patted me on the leg. By the way he kissed me so hard this morning before I realized what he was doing and about sucked my socks off. What makes it so bad was I let him and still want him to do it again.  He’s real sneaky isn’t he?”
    Megan was ecstatic.
    “You mean he kissed you and you didn’t knock his head off? I knew he had a thing for you the first time I saw him looking at you.”
    Macy didn’t know how to respond she had never been kissed without being asked first. 
    She only knew it felt so good and right. The feel of his lips on hers made her feel safe and secure.
    Megan said, “Next time he kisses you hold on to him so he can’t get away. He is a good kisser. We used to make out all the time when we were kids. I even thought I was in love with him when we were teenagers.”
    Macy sat in her saddle picturing Turk kissing Megan. 
    She was having a hard time getting used to the idea that they were not blood brother and sister.
    Turk came riding over to them and said, “Good job today girls. Let’s head back to the line shack.”
    He never looked directly at Macy. It’s just as well. She would have shied away from him anyway. Her reply to him sucking her lips off had even shocked her. She didn’t ever think she would say something like that to a man. She felt like that was an invitation to him to take advantage of her. She really didn’t care any longer because he made her feel so good. 
    This trip so far has gone against everything she had been taught. Turk was definitely starting to show interest in her and she didn’t know how to react to him. She had no intention of getting tied to a poor cowboy, especially an orphan but when he kissed her like he did that all changed.
    She had money bred into her blood and that is what she wanted not a cowboy. She was taught to only go out with boys with rich parents.
    Macy still deep down wanted to marry someone she loved rather than just for money but all the talks her parents had with

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