The Agreement

The Agreement by S. E. Lund

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Authors: S. E. Lund
man, Daddy. He likes to tie me up and fuck me, make me
crawl on my knees to him, kiss his foot ."
    Wouldn’t that just about make him explode ?
    I glanced sideways at Drake and he met my gaze,
his expression dark, and it was like this current flowed between us.
    I tore my eyes away. I could never do it.
    Just. Never .
    Finally, dinner was over and those of us not
part of my dad's 'people' left for the living room while dad escorted the men
into the study for his strategy session. As we left the dining room, Drake took
my arm and stopped me.
    "Can we talk later?"
    I glanced at his hand on my arm. He didn't let
    "We have nothing to talk about."
    "Please? Just hear me out."
    I exhaled. My father stood in the hallway, and
he kept glancing back to us, his eyes judging. As usual.
    "I was going to leave after we 'ladies'
have our tea."
    "OK. I'll come by your place. Can we talk inside your apartment instead of through the door this time?"
    He grinned, and that smile made him look so
    "I'd rather you didn't come to my
    "Fine," he said. "Why don't you
wait for me and I'll give you a ride home when we're done here."
    My dad came over, his eyebrows raised.
    "Hey, sweetie, you're detaining Drake. We
have important business to attend to."
    I looked between Drake and my father. Drake
nodded like it was OK.
    "We'll just speak in the car." His
voice dropped to a lower register, sexy and deep and he had the audacity to
hold three fingers up. "I won't come in. I promise. Scout's Honor."
    I exhaled. "Very well ."
    He finally let go of my arm and he and my father
walked off, my father's arm around Drake's shoulder like they were already
father and son-in-law.
    If the situation wasn't so upsetting, it would
make me laugh so hard at my father for being so out of it.
    Later, while I sat with Christie and Elaine, and
we finished our tea, Elaine leaned over to me and smiled.
    "That Drake Morgan is something. Quite the
    "Yes, he is, I guess." If you're
fishing for sharks…
    I laughed to myself. If they only knew …
    I hung around until my dad finished meeting with
'his people' about his campaign for the House seat that was going to be vacant,
all the while trying to talk myself into leaving before Drake came for me to
drive me home. I could use my dad's limo service and go home by myself, but I
just knew that Drake would come to my apartment and stand outside my door to
say whatever it was he wanted to say.
    He wasn’t some college boy. He was a grown man.
Divorced. A neurosurgeon. A Dominant. Trouble, like Dawn said that night in the
bar. Oh, how right she was.
    I did date a 'nice guy' after Kurt and I broke
up, but Greg was so nice, so accommodating, so into equality, that he
wouldn't even kiss me first. I had to kiss him first, and it made me so
insecure, like he wasn't really attracted to me, or didn’t really feel much
desire for me.
    Stupid girl insecurities, but I was used to the
guy making the moves. At least then you knew he wanted you.
    With Kurt, I always knew he wanted me. He said
so, often . He told me how much he wanted me, and how often and how he
wanted to do it. He'd whisper in my ear when we were in public and I'd be so
ready when we got back to my apartment that I'd practically melt.
    Then, he started increasing the pressure on me,
suggesting we role play and that he'd sneak into my apartment one night and be
waiting for me to mock-rape me. He wanted to smack my ass while we were having
sex. Even though he promised we'd agree to everything before hand, and would
only do what I was comfortable with, it scared me. Yielding power.
    "Come on, sweet stuff ," he
said. "Everyone's adding in a bit of kink in their sex after those
    I said no. I told him I was just an ordinary
girl, with ordinary vanilla tastes. I had no interest in getting my ass hit or
being scared to death when entering my dark empty apartment late at night. He
did it anyway, one night lying in wait for me, and it scared me

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