Snowbound Summer (The Logan Series Book 3)

Snowbound Summer (The Logan Series Book 3) by Sally Clements

Book: Snowbound Summer (The Logan Series Book 3) by Sally Clements Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sally Clements
that stage, there was no
chance of crawling her way back.
    She’d put the restaurant up for
sale as a going concern, and hoped to find a buyer soon. At least the bank was being
reasonable—for the moment.
    But the collapse of the
restaurant meant she no longer had anywhere to live in London too. She’d spent
the previous week in a hotel, and then had to face facts. There was nothing
keeping her in London any longer. Her savings had been depleted to such an
extent that with no job she couldn’t afford to rent anywhere.
    And long days and nights
concentrating on the business meant she had acquaintances, but no friends—the
friends she and Michael made together had been his friends before they moved in
together, and remained his friends after they broke up.
    Her best option was to return to
Ireland, find a position as a head chef, and pay off the remainder of her debt
from a distance.
    Summer’s idea was to formulate a
repayment plan. Find somewhere cheap to live, or failing that, move back in
with her parents, and to find a job locally. Moving home was humiliating, but
might be her only alternative. The money she would save on rent would go toward
clearing her debt. Her parents had invested in the restaurant. It would take
years to pay them back, but not doing so wasn’t an option.
    Even though he had told her not
to, she’d waited up for Nick the previous night—only giving up on him when her
eyelids were drooping with fatigue. She’d turned off the oven, and crawled into
bed. If he came in some time during the night, she hadn’t heard him.
    She pushed open the door of the
bedroom and stepped out.
    A bark. “Fella!” The dog trotted
over and shoved his nose into her outstretched hand. His tail whipped back and
forth in a frenzy of delighted welcome. She crouched, and rubbed the dog’s head,
crooning to him.
    “Good morning.” Nick stood in the
kitchen, holding a mug. “You want some coffee?” He looked different this
morning. Less angry.
    “I sure do.” She walked over, Fella
at her side. “I thought he was staying in at the vets.”
    “There’s no need. He doesn’t need
any more medical attention—what he needs is a home, to gain weight, to become
acclimatized to people. We don’t even know if he’s ever met any children, and
it’s unlikely he’d fit into an average family. There are too many variables
against him finding a home through normal channels.” He shrugged. “If he goes
into the pound, he’ll end up on death row. I couldn’t face that so I’ve adopted
him.” His mouth curved into a smile. “Darned dog snuck under my defenses.”
    Summer’s heart felt as though it
had swelled in her chest. She couldn’t stop smiling. “That’s brilliant.” She
rubbed Fella’s ears. “I can’t think of a better person for him to live with.”
    They’d brought the basket with
them; it sat against the wall in the kitchen. “So I guess I’ll have to beg
another lift from you. Up the mountain. The repair crew is probably fixing the
electricity today.”
    Nick leaned back against the
counter. His gaze met hers and held. “Would you stay for a while longer? The
practice are having their Christmas party tonight, I’d like you to come.”
    “You would?” She thought he
wouldn’t want anything to do with her after yesterday—he’d been so angry after
overhearing the stupid lies she’d told her parents.
    “Yeah, I would.” He picked up his
coat from the chair. “We need to talk. But right now, I have to go in to work.
Can I leave Fella here with you?”

    The entire staff of Brookbridge Veterinary filled one huge
table at Buona Vita , and all of them had dressed up for the occasion.
Nick and Summer were last to arrive; heads swiveled at their entrance. After a
quick introduction, they took their seats. Evie was sitting on Summer’s right,
and before long they were deep in conversation.
    The small Italian restaurant was
packed full; it had become a much-loved place to

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