Seducing Wrath
took in Chaos and I at the same time. We were around seven. Fury and Flame showed up about three months later, then Rage the following year, and the girls came just before high school.” What the fuck was I doing? Yapping about my life. A big no fuckin’ way. I needed to stop running my mouth. “Maybe we should go to bed. One more show and then it’s on to Chicago.”
    “But I like hearing about your childhood.”
    “Maybe, but I don’t like talking about it.”
    She pouted, I hated when women pulled that crap, but then she kissed me. My cock jumped up and down in my pants or would have if he had the room. I was toast. Fucking pussy whipped.
    “You told me I could ask you anything, remember?”
    “Yeah after the concert, I didn’t mean any fuckin’ time you felt like it.”
    “Tell me more about the band, how’d you get discovered?”
    Damn I guess bed was going to have to wait. Sighing, I thought about it. The story seemed harmless enough. “We were playing at our favorite club, The Shaggy Dog, and Rod Dixon came to see us. We didn’t have any fuckin’ clue who he was, until Big Dave told us just before we went on. It might have been better if he’d waited ‘til later. We were a wreck just thinking about it. We’d already been touring around the East Coast for almost four years.”
    “Did you guys screw up?”
    “No fucking way. We were already good, just not discovered. Rod saw us and came backstage afterwards. Told us we were great and he wanted to sign us with Symmetry Records.”
    “It was that easy?”
    “Fuck no. That’s the condensed version.”
    “I want to hear the whole story.” As she answered, she squirmed around in my lap. I swear she was determined to fucking kill me.
    “Fuckin’ stop already.”
    “The squirming, I’m already horny and I don’t think you can handle anymore tonight.”
    She looked surprised, but I don’t know how that was possible unless the robe was so padded she couldn’t feel my cock.
    “Sorry. C’mon, tell me the rest of the story.”
    We were supposed to keep things quiet but I’m pretty sure Joe only meant what was going on now, not the past. What the fuck would it matter really? “It was a Friday night, I couldn’t tell you when if you paid me. The club was packed, wall to wall, you couldn’t move at all. We went on and did a short set—seven songs. There were other bands playing too.”
    “Were they the songs from the first album?”
    “Yup. We’d been touring around locally for a few years doing those songs, pretty much all the regulars knew all the lyrics. It was a rush back then, but nothing like it was tonight. Twenty thousand or so fans screaming out your lyrics. Holy Fuck.”
    “I don’t know why you’re surprised. I know all your lyrics from the first album. I play it all the time.”
    “Is that why you decided to tag along?”
    “Mostly. Anyway, finish the story.”
    “Like I said, we finished our set and Rod came backstage to talk to us. At first we didn’t believe him. We’d had friends fuckin’ prank us before. Eventually he told us enough shit we believed him. We set up an appointment to meet him in his office in New York the following week to sign the papers.”
    “Discovered in a bar called The Shaggy Dog, it sounds like a movie.”
    “Hell yeah, I guess it does. I’m sure shit like that happens a lot.”
    “Yeah probably. What happened with Rod, isn’t he your manager anymore? Or is Joe just your road manager?”
    I should have known it would fuckin’ get back to this. “I can’t talk about it. There’s some shit going on, sorry.” She looked disappointed, was it because I couldn’t tell her the rest or some other reason? Fuck if I kept this shit up I’d be thinking everything was a conspiracy. I needed some sleep. “Time for bed. I’m exhausted. You coming?”
    “Yeah, of course. Snuggling with Wrath is one of my favorite things.”
    “I bet.”
    Checking the bedside clock I was shocked to

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