Seal of the King

Seal of the King by Ralph Smith

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Authors: Ralph Smith
it who have evil in their hearts it purifies the light and strengthens it. They also do not realize that because the dark only consumes; that if they were ever to defeat the light they would consume even each other until there was nothing left. This is clearly evidenced by how easily they turn on one another, and in stark contrast to the way those of the light defend and protect one another.”
    “During these ebbs and flows, events will culminate to a tipping point. This tipping point shapes what is to come next, a period of more dark, or more light. We are on the brink of crossing a tipping point into an era of terrible darkness if we fail. The world that Aurora lives in has suffered immensely, and is on the verge of losing the battle. Her world exists here, and now, but is separated by a force I cannot explain. If her world were to fall, it would open pathways between these two worlds allowing the war that wages there to come here. That would be the tipping point. Only a select few of the most powerful servants can travel between these two worlds without dire consequences, yet somehow you two did.” He paused allowing them to consider what he said.
    “Dad, what are you trying to tell us?”
    “A single grain of sand added to a cart can be the one to cause it to break. The two of you are the ones who can change the tide of this battle.”
    “Dad, I know Aurora’s a skilled warrior, but I’ve never been in a war before. What makes you think I can make a difference? Aunt Molly said we were just lucky today.” He said feebly.
    Aurora leaned towards him , placed her hand on his leg, and looked up to him “No, it was only because of you today that we succeeded. You saw things I didn’t, you knew what to do, and I didn’t.” She said looking at him with affection, and at the same time certainty.
    “I know, David, because I know you , and because of the prophecy.” Gabe said. David and Aurora turned to look at him with wide eyes.
    Aurora speaking first, “It’s true then? When we first met , and he told me his name I thought perhaps, but I … I just couldn’t… well…”
    “Yes, dear, it’s true . We’ve always believed it was him, and I think after today, Molly would agree, we’re certain.”
    Molly added in a somber tone “Yes, Gabe, I agree.”
    With a slight hint of panic in his voice, David asked, “What prophecy?” 
    “As you know prophecies are a tricky matter. They never say on this day at this time some specific thing will happen. If they did , people, good and evil, would try to interfere to affect the outcome.” Molly said. “As for this prophecy, well it is a tricky one to interpret. The Bible tells us of the final battle, which will occur at the time of the second coming. It does not tell us about the many battles in between. This is one of those battles. The prophecy of which we speak was not written down so that it would only be passed between those of the light.” David noticed Aurora looking somber, so he reached out to take her hand again. Molly continued, as if she was teaching a group of students. “Before we get to the prophecy, there are a couple of noteworthy points to consider. First, do you know what the word Messiah means, the literal translation?” She pressed on, not waiting for them to answer, “It means anointed one, a person who was chosen by God, to lead his people.” She paused a moment for them to consider this. “Yes, we refer to Jesus as the Messiah because he is our Lord, and Master. However, there have been others who were anointed to lead Israel. Do you recall any?”
    David looked at her and in little more than a whisper said, “Do you mean King David?” She raised her eyebrows, and David said with more force “You can’t be suggesting that I’m him?”
    She shook her head “No, dear boy, I’m not. He is with our Lord . But you have two crucial things in common with him. You are a descendant of the house of David. Your Mother comes from his line.”

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