Rotten to the Core

Rotten to the Core by Casey Kelleher

Book: Rotten to the Core by Casey Kelleher Read Free Book Online
Authors: Casey Kelleher
he had commented a couple of times that she was more chilled when she’d had one. What Billy didn’t know was that she could quite happily do a whole bottle in an evening just to herself and sometimes if she was having a shit day she did have the odd glass, even if it was still   morning, though that had only happen ed a few times . W ell , maybe more than a few, but she wasn’t addicted or anything like that, she wasn’t an alky. Alcoholics sat on benches drinking S pecial B rew, they were low down in the food chain . She was in control. No, she didn’t have a problem; she just enjoyed a few drinks every now and again. After another long swig of wine, her mood started to lift. She loved the calm that swept over her. At least when Billy wasn’t here , she could have as much as she liked without feeling guilty or having to justify it to him. Pouring another glass , she smiled to herself a s she remembered a saying her n an used to say to her all through her childhood : “Be careful what you wish for; because one day , Tanya , you might get it”. She finally understood the meaning, taking the rest of the bottle into bedroom Tanya prepared herself for yet another fun - filled night of watching telly in bed, alone.


    Kate smoothed her crisp white shirt down over her tiny bump, smiling as she felt the flutter of movement. She had had a good pregnancy so far, her skin was glowing, her energy was high ; she was quite enjoying it. She was over four months gone, and she loved that she now had the tiny start of a little baby bump. No one else had mentioned it but Kate could clearly notice it, especially as her   trousers were becoming so tight she was worried that if she sat down, she might split them. She needed s ome new clothes.
    M entally adding t rousers to the long list of everything else she was going to need to buy, she looked in to the mirror again , giving herself the once over,   and began to worry that perhaps she was a litt le over-dressed. She looked as if she was going for a job in a law firm or something, very formal and well turned out, maybe she was overdoing it a little. The job advertisement had been for a cleaner, it was part - time hours and cash - in - hand, and most importantly it was local. Kate knew that in her present condition she woul d be lucky if she could get th e job . A lot of   employers wouldn’t employ a   pregnant woman if they could help it, especially someone halfway through their pregnancy ; it wasn’t worth all the hassle. So she figured that for her interview this morning she needed to make an extra good impression.
    Kate had been at Jay’s house now for a month, and to say that it hadn’t been going that well would be a n understatement. He claimed that he didn’t know who had attacked him that night. Kate had even started to think that maybe she had been wrong, maybe her brother hadn’t been behind it after all, that perhaps she had over - reacted.
    Kate missed Billy so much, and sometimes really needed him around. But on speaking to Jay one night after a very rare early night together, he had all but implied that it had been Billy who had attacked him . He wouldn’t discuss it with her, and he didn’t actually say the words, but he had implied it clearly enough to her. Maybe that was half of Jay ’ s problem with her at the moment , she thought, he had been really funny with her when he had first come home from hospital, he had gone nuts at Sonia for letting Kate move in without consulting him, and Kate had felt very unwelcome . Then he had spent the next few d ays constantly telling her not to go through his stuff , and that she wasn’t to be poking around, he was acting very odd.
    At first Kate had put it down to her being a little over-sensitive, with her hormones and everything, but it had just gone from bad to worse . Th en she had thought that maybe some of it was resentment for what her brother had done to him , that they were just experiencing

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