Rotten to the Core

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Authors: Casey Kelleher


    Opening her eyes, Emma looked around the room. Had he gone? The bedroom door was open, and she couldn’t hear anything in the house. Relief washed over her ; he had gone, thank God . Emma was aching all over, her head was pounding and she felt as if she had been run over by a truck. Emma rolled over on her bed and tried to sit up but pain seared through her. Reaching over to her side table, she saw the fifty pound note on the side ; biting her lip to stop the tremble , she couldn’t help but feel the insult. She reached down to the draw er in the table and took out her little bag of gear and struggled to keep from crying, it was almost empty. Snorting the contents and laying back against the stale , grey sheets, she felt the drug run through her body, helping to block out the last few hours of torture she had to endure.
    Last night had been a bad one, a fucking bad one. The guy Jay had sent had been a nutcase, a proper loon. He had tied her up to start with, using black masking tape, and at first she had made a few light - hearted jokes about him being kinky, but he had breath ed really heav il y and stared at her, hate gleaming from his eyes . She ’d started to get scared then , asked him to untie her, told him that this was not how she did things. But he had bound her even tighter. She had begged him, but he had just covered her mouth with the tape too. He had whispered in her ear , while he gagged her that she was a dirty slag and he was going to teach her a lesson .   A fter dozens of punches, he grabbed her so tightly around the throat that Emma passed out, and then he brutally t ook her while she was out cold. She was sore beyond belief, looking down at her top she saw that it was torn almost in half and winced at the sight of one exposed breast, covered in bite marks and bruises.
    He hadn’t looked odd when Emma had first let him in . H e had said his name was Alan . A t first , he ha d been very quiet, and o n first impressions , Emma would have had him done as some sort of nerdy train spotter. Guess you never can tell about people on looks alone .   She rubbed the red marks on her wrists; the binding had been so tight. She had never been so scared. The reality of her ordeal was sinking in ; he could have killed her. But then to leave money, Emma couldn’t believe it . H e had paid to rape her. And somewhere in her mind , to leave only fifty pounds was an added insult.
    Emma was out of her depth . God knows what she would do next. She couldn’t work out how she had let it get this far . O ne minute she was in bed with Jay, thinking that she had a chance with him and doing her upmost to please him, the next thing she knew , Jay was persuading her to “ entertain ” one of his wealthy “friends” . Jay had made it sound glamorous. He said that he had “friends” who wou ld pay good money for Emma’s company, “ friends” who wanted someone young and eager like Emma. Not only would she make lots of cash, but he promised that he would keep her in a constant supply of coke.
    The first time it had actually gone quite well, it was a businessman from the USA , he was gorgeous, loaded , and in fifteen minutes Emma had earned two hundred pounds. He hadn’t really spoken to her, he had just got what he wanted and left . Not the most mind - blowing sex she’d ever had but definitely the quickest money she’d ever made, and with the guy being so good looking it was hardly a chore. Jay had given her a big bag of gear as a thank you and told her there was more where that had come from. It had seemed so easy . Emma thought that she could handle it, and that with Jay by her side she woul d be okay. That was the plan , anyway ; the reality was far from that.
    Jay had sent her some real weirdoes lately, lots of them. She had told him that she wasn’t doing it anymore . It had been a novelty at first, but she was beginning to feel used and dirty, but

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