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Authors: Casey Kelleher
what most couples did from time to time, a rough patch. It was all new to both of them , this baby stuff ; Kate was more than aware of just how scary it all was . P erhaps Jay was scared of becoming a dad, settling down, and supporting them all. Kate just wanted to see him smile at her like he used to, and to want her like he used to. Jay seemed not to be that bothered at all by her, and he didn’t seem to be interested in the baby either, but after long talks with Sonia, Kate felt a bit more reassured about that one.
    Sonia and Kate had become good friends over the past few weeks and often spent the morning s gossiping over mugs of tea and buttered toast . Sonia was obviously excited about being a grandmother ; she was forever coming up with cute baby names , hoping to inspire Kate, and making suggestions about places they could take the baby once it was born . S he was a tonic and Kate would have felt lost without her. When Kate had been close to tears one morning because of Jay ’ s total lack of interest in the baby‘s first kick, Sonia reassured her that while women feel an instant connection with the life that wa s growing inside them, men sometimes d id n’t have any feelings towards the baby until it was actually t here . T hat was when the baby bec a me ‘real’ to them. It made sense in Kate’s mind, and she hoped that when they did have the baby, Jay would be a good dad.
    There were times when loneliness washed over Kate . S he hadn’t heard from Emma now for five weeks, the last two times she ha d been round there Emma had been acting really odd ly , and now Kate knew for sure that she was taking something, she decided to keep away, she didn’t want anything happening to her baby and hopefully Emma would realise that if she wanted to see her then she could, but only if she wasn’t off her head on drugs.
    The biggest hole had come f rom cutting Billy out of her life, and now Jay was becoming even more distant, Sonia seemed like Kate ’ s only friend, and as nice as that was , Kate needed more. She didn’t want to burden Jay even more than she already had, so she had decided that she needed to make her own money. Kate was bored of sitting around all the time, she was pregnant not ill, so when she saw this little part - time job advertised , she decided that she would apply for it, earn some cash to buy her baby some nice things, and get out of the house for a bit too.
    Kate had decided not to tell Jay about the interview yet , as she wasn’t holding out much hope of getting it, but she was sure that he would be made up for her if she did get it . He would be pleased that she could pay her own way. Sonia had insisted that she needn’t worry about paying rent while she lived there, and Kate had decided to e arn her keep and help out around the house, washing dishes, doing the laundry, whatever needed doing, it was the least that she could do.
    Kate had never realised how lazy Jay was ; most days he laid in bed until midday, then he would slob about for a couple of hours, drinking strong coffee and chain smoking, despite her asking him to stop because of the baby. Then from about three o’clock most afternoons he was gone, “doing business , ” he would vaguely add when asked, and Kate rarely saw him again until the early hours when he crawled into bed next to her.
              Things needed to change ; this wasn’t how Kate had seen her and her baby’s future , and fingers crossed if she did get this little job, things would be better for them all. Maybe she would treat Jay to something with her first pay to show him that she really loved him. Once they were back on track things would be fine.
              Feeling better , Kate picked up her bag and made her way to the interview ; she was going to arrive a few minutes early, to show willing, she had loads of time to get there ; besides , Goldie’s nightclub was only a few streets away.

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