Resist (London)

Resist (London) by Danielle Breeze

Book: Resist (London) by Danielle Breeze Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle Breeze
find a decent guy without that asshole getting involved.
    So go somewhere else? I couldn’t. Blaze was the best, but cheapest place around. I really didn’t have the money to go anywhere. Plus, it was in walking distance, no taxi fares!
    I didn’t know how long I’d been dancing when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and I whipped my head around, a little too fast it seemed as I stumbled sideways slightly and collided with another body.
    Ahh crap!
    “Hello Mason.” I breathed.
    “Hey gorgeous.”
    “What are doing here Mase?” I replied through clenched teeth. I did not need him intruding on my night. I wanted to pull...and not him!
    “Well, for one thing, I work here... ” He drawled... “Then I saw you shakin’ your pretty little ass all over the dance floor, couldn’t help myself. You’re pushin’ me Sunshine, you should be careful with that. If I push back, I win.”
    “Don’t talk in code pretty boy, what the fuck are you talking about?” I began, then changed my tone and breathed into his ear... “I’m drinkin’, I’m dancin’ and I’m gonna find me a nice looking guy to take home with me and fuck him until neither of us can breathe. ”
    I felt him stiffen behind me. But I was doing the right thing, it was for the best. He wanted something from me that I could never truly give, or at least not for a very long time. He deserved better than that, even if he didn’t get it yet. He would.
    “Not gonna happen beautiful. Try it. See where it gets you. You think I’m gonna let some grubby little prick put his hands on you?! You’re out of your fuckin’ mind if you think I’ll stand by and watch that happen.”
    Fuck. Him.
    “Then don’t watch.” I replied, and sauntered away. I may have put a little extra swing in my hips for his benefit, but who the fuck did he think he was? Telling me I wasn’t allowed to fuck someone else, I refuse to do as I’m told...ever . I thought I’d already established that with him. Stupid fucker just didn’t listen.
    I spotted a tall, possibly a bit too skinny, clean-shaven, dark haired guy leaning against the bar on the opposite side of the room and made my way across to him.
    Yeah, he’d do!
    When I was a few feet away, his eyes swung to me and instantly lit up, it was almost too easy.  When I reached his side, I gave him my best ‘bedroom eyes’ and a flirtatious smile and watched as his tongue peeked out to wet his bottom lip. He straightened away from the bar slightly and squared his shoulders...yeah way too easy!
    “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” He asked.
    “Sure, I’ll just have a vodka and coke please”
    “Cool...” He leaned over the bar, trying to get the barman’s attention. He received a nod from the closest one to us and shouted his order across. Still waiting for the drinks, he turned to me looked me up and down, bit the side of his lip and raised an eyebrow, he really couldn’t have been more obvious.
    “So what’s your name?”
    “Harper.” I replied. Rule, never give your surname. Surname’s mean people can find you, when you don’t want to be found!
    “Luke.” He murmured, then stuck out his hand.
    Shaking hands? Really? It wasn’t a fucking business meeting!
    I edged closer to him and purposely rubbed myself against him when the barman placed our drinks on the bar and I reached for mine. I had my A game on for sure, and judging by the hard-on he was already sporting, it was working just fine.
    A hard-on...from a smile and a bit of close contact. Aww poor man hasn’t seen anything yet!
    He paid. I thanked him, then grabbed his hand and moved us towards the dance-floor. He made general needless conversation and I gave him as little information as I could. I didn’t to fucking talk . I wound myself around him and swayed my hips to the music. I was giving him some of my best moves, it was too obvious he was enjoying himself so I figured I wouldn’t waste anymore time so I stood on my

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