ReEmergent -Guardians of Vesturon [4]

ReEmergent -Guardians of Vesturon [4] by A.M. Hargrove

Book: ReEmergent -Guardians of Vesturon [4] by A.M. Hargrove Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.M. Hargrove
Tags: Teen Paranormal
they had arranged with the Command Center to have some teleported to a designated area. They were discussing how they would retrieve it that night.
    Sharra decided that the two men would go and she and Maddie would run the search together. Zander and Rafe left the building and Maddie watched Sharra closely as she said her goodbyes. Maddie had to hand it to her because Sharra was not crossing any lines in front of anyone and she was being very professional in her behavior.
    When the two girls were alone, Maddie broached the subject with her. “So, are you going to fill me in?”
    “ On what?”
    “ Sharra!” Maddie exclaimed in exasperation. “After everything we’ve been through I can’t believe you’re acting like this!”
    “ Okay already,” she grinned. “He is kind, charming, sweet and I like him.”
    “ That’s it? You like him?” Maddie was looking at her close friend like she’d suddenly developed a third eyeball in the middle of her forehead.
    “ Well, what do you want me to say?”
    “ I want you to tell me that you’re madly in love with him and that you’ve found your soul mate.”
    Sharra’s mouth formed a huge O and she stared at Maddie. “I...he...well I don’t think I should discuss that with you,” she stammered.
    A huge grin spread across Maddie’s face and she said, “Aha! So you’ve thought about it though, right?”
    “ Maddie, I’ve only known him for several weeks. I will not rush into things!”
    Maddie started to laugh and shook her head. “You are a Vesturion Sharra. It’s impossible to deny your connection with your soul mate. I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Does his touch make your body tingle and hum, like an electric current is running through your veins?”
    “ Well, yes but...”
    “ Ha! No buts Sharra! You have found him. I knew it! The way you two sneak peeks at each other when you think no one is noticing. The looks you give each other when you think others aren’t watching.”
    Sharra’s face burst into flames. She’d never been involved with a male before so she didn’t quite know how to handle this. Her friend came to her rescue though.
    “ Hey, it’s me Sharra. I’m your friend and I only want what’s best for you. I couldn’t be happier for you. I have always wanted you to have what I have with Rayn. And I think you’ve finally found it!” She hugged Sharra and was happy to have her friend return the gesture.
    “ So tell me. Is he everything you dreamed of?”
    Sharra was suddenly overcome with a case of shyness. She lowered her head and whispered, “He says things to me that I never thought I’d hear. He makes me feel things I thought didn’t exist. And he’s so...” she looked up at Maddie and giggled, “he’s so hot!”
    “ That he is, but don’t tell Rayn I said that,” she agreed with a laugh. “So what are your plans?”
    “ We haven’t made any because of this mission.”
    “ Well, I think you and I need to do some planning then, don’t you agree?”
    “ Yes, but I think I need to wait until he asks me to be his mate.”
    “ Oh. He hasn’t asked then?”
    “ I’m worried that he doesn’t think he’s good enough for me.”
    Maddie nodded. She remembered a time when she felt the same way. “You want me to talk to him. You could switch up the teams for a couple of nights and I could discreetly bring it up.”
    Sharra crammed her fists into the front pockets of her jeans and said, “Maybe. I’ll think about it. Thanks Maddie.”
    They headed out the door for their night duty.
    The two women were hunkered against a wall, hidden from view. Four men walked down the street and met the Xanthian. They exchanged words for about fifteen minutes and then the group turned and headed back toward the two women.
    Sharra made sure the Xanthian was long gone before they confronted the men.
    The men were surprised when the two females slipped out of the darkness and told them they wanted a word with them. Both

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