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Book: ReEmergent -Guardians of Vesturon [4] by A.M. Hargrove Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.M. Hargrove
Tags: Teen Paranormal
groaned. Their muscles were quivering so uncontrollably that they couldn’t move for about fifteen minutes. Finally, the feeling in their limbs returned and they were left wondering what in the hell had happened to them. One minute they were walking along, and the next they were on the ground moaning. None of them remembered meeting up with the two lovely women.
    Sharra and Maddie returned to their headquarters eager to share their news with Zander and Rafe.
    They decided it would be a good idea to call in Jurek so he could put a watch on that warehouse in Castleberry Hill. They would have a team cover the drop point so they would know when the next meeting would be. If Jurek’s men could start intercepting the shipment at Castleberry Hill, the rebels would score another coup.
    Jurek popped into their headquarters and they explained everything they knew. He said not only would he watch the warehouse, he would also be covering the drop point to intercept the shipments. The group decided at this rate, their mission could be completed much quicker than they had initially thought.

Chapter 17
    Jurek and Xarrid were discussing what Maddie and Sharra had uncovered on Earth.
    “ We need to get those minions out of there,” Xarrid decided.
    “ I’ve thought of that, but for right now, I want to keep things status quo. It will help us get our cause up and running. As long as they’re doing their job, they’re safe.”
    Xarrid felt his gut wrench because he thought of someone else’s family going through what Saylan’s had when she’d gone missing.
    “ I know what you’re thinking and I don’t think it will be much longer. The girls found what we needed much faster than I thought they would.”
    “ I know. Leave it to them. I wonder what Rayn thought of that,” Xarrid mused.
    Jurek broke into a huge laugh. “I’ll bet he wasn’t pleased that his mate was able to accomplish what he figured was an impossibility.”
    “ Say what you will, but Rayn really only has everyone’s best interests at heart. I know you two have had your differences, but he’s not all bad Jurek.”
    Jurek stared at Xarrid and nodded curtly. “I suppose you’re right. I need to lighten up where all of your brothers are concerned. So, how is Saylan?”
    Xarrid actually blushed. He looked at Jurek and then stuttered, “She-she’s good. Really g-good.”
    “ Hmm. That’s an interesting reaction. If I didn’t know better I would think that you two...”
    “ No! We haven’t. So don’t think that. But...”
    “ But what?” Jurek prodded.
    Xarrid rubbed his neck and started pacing. He pushed up his shirtsleeves, and then pulled them back down. Giving Jurek a look of frustration he scrubbed his forehead and sighed.
    “ What is it? You’re acting strange.”
    “ This is really personal. I’m not comfortable having this conversation, but I need to talk about this so here goes. I’m rather at odds here.”
    “ You know what we discuss will always stay between us, right?”
    Xarrid nodded. “Yeah, I do. Saylan told me she wanted to break our vow of celibacy.”
    “ And?”
    “ I can’t do that. You know how it is with us. Vesturions don’t do that. I told her that and the look of disappointment on her face just crushed me.”
    Jurek knew Xarrid would do the right thing. He wouldn’t break that vow until he was united with Saylan, so he let Xarrid ramble on about it. In the end, Xarrid just needed to vent and let his feelings loose.
    “ She’ll understand why you made that decision and she’ll love you more for it Xarrid. Don’t worry about it.”
    “ I hope you’re right.”
    Xarrid had arranged to pick up Saylan and take her for a ride on his speedster, a flying vehicle, similar to a motorcycle. She looked at him with doubt and he assured her she would be safe as he put the helmet on her head and adjusted the volume so she could hear him. He helped her climb on and then got on in

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