Picture Me Sexy

Picture Me Sexy by Rhonda Nelson

Book: Picture Me Sexy by Rhonda Nelson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rhonda Nelson
scream of release issued from her mouth and her entire body went tight with tension.
    Her muscles fisted around him, alternately tightened and released and the combined sensations sent Sam flying right over the edge with her. The climax roared through him, brought the edge of darknessfolding around him. He came hard, shook violently. He set his jaw against the exquisite, unparalleled pleasure, dug his toes into the mattress and lodged himself firmly—deeply—inside of her while the last shimmers of bright release rippled through him.
    He could spend the rest of his life here, Sam realized with no small amount of trepidation. Could spend the rest of his life dallying between her thighs.
    When the last tremor faded, he shifted his weight to the side and rolled her with him, careful to keep their bodies joined. For reasons he didn’t care to explore, he didn’t want to break that special connection. Another first, Sam thought.
    A shadow moved from in front of the moon, momentarily illuminating her face. Delaney’s eyes were closed in sublime satisfaction, her slightly swollen lips curled into a sated grin. One delectable breast peeked from beneath the sheet, a puff of pink cream nestled on top of a pearly mound. All that silky hair lay spread over her shoulders, spilled over the pillow, like liquid moonbeams.
    Sam’s chest grew tight with some unnamed emotion and he traced the curve of her delicate cheek with his finger. Still smiling, she turned slowly to look at him through lowered lashes, the gesture one of the most provocative he’d ever seen. She tunneled her fingers through his hair and offered her lips up for another slow, deep kiss, then gently rolled him over, sheathed him again, and straddled him. Hehardened inside her, another singularly spectacular sensation.
    Delaney leaned down and flicked her tongue over his nipple, lightly bit the small nub, snatching the breath from his lungs. She rocked sinuously on top of him, played at his breast with her mouth and tortured the other one with her hand. He’d never seen anything so erotic in his life, never had any woman so thoroughly seduce him.
    â€œDo you know what this is?” she asked, her voice a husky purr.
    She tightened around him, rocked her bottom up and down, creating a delicious draw and drag between their joined bodies. “Wh-what?” Sam managed.
    â€œTit for tat again, baby. Are you up for it?”
    Was he up? If he was any more up, he’d explode. Sam chuckled, anchored his hands on her delectable hips and thrust deeply into her. “Oh, I’m up for it, all right.”
    And they had all night. Somehow Sam knew that would never be enough.

    S TILL WINDED , D ELANEY collapsed against Sam’s chest and enjoyed the last twinges of another thigh-melting climax. Warm fizzies bubbled through her and an occasional pulse of belated pleasure made her breath hitch in her throat. Her breasts still felt deliciously heavy pressed against his naked chest and, though she’d came so many times that she’d lost count, she knew were he to so much as slide a clever finger over her still-throbbing clit, she’d undoubtedly come again. The perpetually sated smile she’d worn all night brightened even more.
    Sam Martelli had the magic touch.
    Delaney had listened to that silk-on-velvet rasp all night—honestly, he could make a simple phrase like “pass the salt” sexy with that voice of his—and had done whatever he’d asked her to do.
    Without the merest hesitation.
    It was as though her body hadn’t been hers, but his to manipulate and explore, and by extension, she’d held that same power over him. She’d done things tonight with Sam that she’d never done with another living soul. There wasn’t a single inch of her body that he hadn’t inspected, a single inch that hehadn’t claimed, caressed, or tasted. The tender skin between her toes, the backs of her

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