Parish by Nicole Murphy

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Authors: Nicole Murphy
Tags: Zombies
forcing herself to calm down.  “It could just be a side effect of a shot.”
                  “No, he’s all caught up on his vaccinations.” Jack shook his head.  Emily took a deep breath as she turned back to look at Jamie.  “Oh, wait!  The school district has a new policy, I forgot.  Wren and Wade didn’t have to get it because they’re in high school, it only applies to elementary school children and will be required for all kids starting school…”
                  “What will be required?” Emily asked crossing her arms.
                  “All children must have the Nazarene shot to be enrolled in school.  No big deal.  He did get that one while we were there.  The boy has…had…to go to school.” Jack shrugged.  Emily spun around, fire filling her features.
                  “You let him get that!?” Emily screamed.
                  “It wasn’t a choice, he had to.” Jack replied, confused.  “Why are you mad, you created it?”
                  “Dammit Jack!”  Emily raised her hands to rest on the top of her head.  “Dammit! Oh, god!”
                  “What?” Jack asked.
                  “You should have called me, Jack.” Emily dropped to her knees beside her son.  She began to sob, putting her head down next to the boy, lifting his limp hand to her cheek.  “You should have called me.”
                  “I don’t understand what’s happening.” Jack walked over and knelt beside his wife.
                  “Oh, Jack, I can’t tell you, I can’t…oh my poor baby.” Emily continued to sob.
                  “Emily, tell me what in the hell is going on, right now!” He took hold of her and pulled her upright to look at him.  “Tell me right now! He’s my son too!”
                  “Nazarene isn’t safe!” She spat out.  Jack froze, his confusion turned to panic.
                  “What do you mean it isn’t safe, Emily?  Millions of people have gotten that shot.” Jack leaned towards her slightly.
                  “I know!” She dropped her head, her shoulders shaking.  “Oh, I god I know.”
                  “When you say it isn’t safe, what does that mean?” Jack’s voice grew soft.
                  “All of those people that got the shot…they’re out there Jack.” She replied, putting her head back on the couch near Jamie’s hand.
                  “Well, they’re not on the moon.” Jack shook his head.
                  “That’s not what I mean.  All of the people who got the shot are out there right now, they’re eating people and spreading it.” Emily could feel the beans she had eaten rising in her throat.
                  “Wait…you know what caused this?”
                  “Yes.  It was Nazarene.” Emily shook her head.
                  “How long have you known this?” Jack asked as he narrowed his eyes.
                  “Since day one.” She replied, unable to look at him.  Jack stood up and backed away slowly.
                  “Day one as in when this started or…”
                  “Day one as when we first started developing it.” She cut him off.
                  “Oh my god Emily!” Jack cried out.  “This is your fault?”
                  “No!  Well…partly I guess.  I was told to do it and I had to sign confidentiality papers and everything.  I couldn’t tell you, I couldn’t tell anyone.” He wiped her nose on the back of her hand.
                  “Who told you to do it?” Jack asked.  He was so angry he was visibly shaking.
                  “The government told us to create it.  They wanted a way to bring the population down, worldwide.  It won’t

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