One Foot In Front of the Other (Free Story Friday)

One Foot In Front of the Other (Free Story Friday) by Josh Hilden

Book: One Foot In Front of the Other (Free Story Friday) by Josh Hilden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Josh Hilden
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                  Swing and a miss!
                  That was the first reaction which stomped through Dana’s mind when she saw the kid with the club. He was carrying a club, probably a pre-plague baseball bat, heavily modified with rebar and leather reinforcement over the last twenty years. She watched him swing for the head of the groaning mess trying to get a grip on his young and juicy body.
                  She had to give the kid credit for guts though even as he missed with his first clumsy attack he simply backed up a few paces and tried again. This time the weapon connected with the right shoulder of the monster trundling toward the boy. The full motion reminded her of Zane back in the early days.
                  Dana winced as she heard the snap and crack of bones being held together by skin that was more leather than flesh break under the force of the impact. The sound was one she was intimately acquainted with. The creature that had once been a human being, Dana studied the shreds of clothing still clinging to the gaunt form and realized this one had been a soldier at one time the fatigues still identifiable under the layers of dried mud and gore, stumbled under the blow but did not go down.
                  “Shit!” The kid cried in frustration, his voice was a little high and had the slight breaking of someone just beginning to enter his manhood. He stepped back three more steps and readied to swing again she could see the runnels of sweat gleaming on his heavily tanned skin and his long brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze gave him a slightly ethereal quality. She was painfully reminded of Zane as she watched the kid refuse to give up and flee the zombie before him.
                  “Boy has guts.” Dana said to herself. She never took her eyes off of him as she unslung the rifle from her back and worked the lever action driving a round into the chamber. A voice in the back of her mind gave a tusking noise when she realized that the kid had not heard the snacking of the lever and bolt. He was brave but not nearly observant enough for her liking. Zane would have smacked her on the back of her head for having so little situational awareness.
                  She was surprised when she realized the boy was not preparing to swing for the head which was a good six inches higher than his own this time. The angle of his stance showed he was aiming

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