Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour

Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour by Jake A. Strife

Book: Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour by Jake A. Strife Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jake A. Strife
feeling drawn to her. “Never came back?”
I asked. I could smell her sweet breath; even in the morning, she remained
    “When we saw the news report we ran straight to Pa's
    I shook my head. “Merlda was your roommate?”
    “Yes.” She whispered.
    I was about to respond when Kessa’s hands rested on my
behind, and she roughly pulled me against her and put her finger to my lips. “We
have some time. And I love mornings, don’t you?”
    I blushed like mad as my mind raced with ideas of what she
could mean.
    She lightly pushed me to the floor and carefully straddled
me this time. I held my breath as she took her fingers and put them under her
tube top. She started to pull up parts bit by bit. I couldn’t believe it. I
couldn’t take it. But I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted; I didn’t know what I
wanted. But why resist? The world had ended.
    She pulled her flannel shirt closed and wiggled.
    “Guess what I'm not wearing now?” she giggled, and the
roundness of her breasts filled out the shirt.
    All of my blood rushed south, but then the vault trembled
and the gears of the door started to click and clank. My head snapped back to
see the door cranking open.   
    “We can get out! We’re not trapped!” I cried.
    Kessa glared down at me and shook her head.
    “W-what?” I asked.
    “Oh it’s nothing,” She said and crawled towards her boots,
pulling them on. I could see enough sideboob to know
I'd screwed up big time. The sexiest girl ever had been on top of me and what
did I do? I knew I'd be beating myself up over it for awhile .
I would just have to add it to the list of screwups .
    The thick tension had me barely able to breathe, but still
I said, “I'm sorry.”
    “Don’t be, Zach. Getting outta here’s important. It can’t
always just be about me and my wants and my needs.”
    I didn’t like the way she said needs.
    Her heart ached, but I didn't feel so well physically. On
top of the cuts and bruises, I now had an aching below the belt.
    “I’ll be out here.” I sighed and walked away with my tail
between my legs.
    Kessa mumbled something as I left. The bright morning
light illuminated the room. On a support pillar just before me, I spotted a
note held up by a dagger ; one of Wesley’s daggers. I
rushed over to the pillar and tore down the paper, sticking the dagger through
a belt loop.
    It read:
    “Zach, I’m writing you
a note because I don’t know how else to say it. I need to leave. I have stuff I
need to do. People to find, places to see, that kind of junk. Your journey is
going to lead you south to the big city, Houston I’m pretty sure.
    You see, when we were
searching Epic Impossibilities Games, I found some reasons you’ll want to move
on. One reason was a letter. I left it rolled up in a bag of food supplies,
weapons and ammunition. It’s hidden in the corner under the seventh teller
    I’ll let you read it
since it's addressed to you, but don’t run off just yet. Finish this one.
    My goals take me north.
I know what caused this. You know the zombies! I may be able to stop it before
it gets even worse. So I charge you with this. Stay alive. I want to see you
again because I never got to tell you that secret I mentioned last night. And
keep Kessa kicking too, not like that pervert! I mean alive! She’s hot, and I
wouldn’t mind tapping that if you don’t develop the balls!
    So this is goodbye, or
it was hours ago after I tricked you into the safety of the bank vault. Zombies
were in here last night, and you would never have known. But I killed them and
cleaned the place up a bit. So anyway, yeah, I’m not good at this! So grab the
supplies and start on the road south. I’d avoid any freeways, though,
especially if you plan on taking a car.
    Peace out brother, I
look forward to seeing you again, and nailing that pretty thing you perhaps
lost your virginity to! HAHAHA!
                       --Wesley James
    P.S. You

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