Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour

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Book: Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour by Jake A. Strife Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jake A. Strife
kicked a rock, which bounced into
the ditch.
    “What family do ya have down there?”
    The edge of the woods rested to our right and every time
the wind blew I aimed my gun, expecting a Corpse attack. Out of 151 times, I'd
been right about six. This time, again, no undead showed its ugly face.
    Kessa wore a smile on her face as she spun in front of me
and walked backwards. Even without her pigtails, and a dirty face, she still
looked sexy as heck.
    I forgot her question after falling into her deep eyes. “What
did you ask?”
    “I asked what family do you have in Houston?” She blew the
hair out of her face.
    “Oh, um, an uncle.” I lied again.
    I did have an uncle, but I barely remembered him. He came
over all the time when we lived up north, but those memories were just as fuzzy
as the ones of Tiffany and our youth.
    Kessa lifted her leg, and put her shoe to my chest; she'd
lost her boots a week prior, and we shopped at an abandoned shoe store. “You
must have been close to go all the way there! I wouldn’t make that journey for
anyone in my family.”
    “But you’d make it for me?” I asked.
    She lowered her foot, and hopped next to me, throwing her
arms around my neck. “Is that so hard to believe?”
    I fell into her eyes again.
    Kessa said. “I’m just glad you want me along.”
    I did want her with me, but if and when we made it to
Houston, I didn’t think she’d feel the same after.
    Out of nowhere, I felt lightheaded, and the world spun. I
stumbled off the gravel road and into a tree.
    “Are you okay?” Kessa gasped, rushing to my side.
    When she touched me, electricity flew, and I felt a bit
    “I got dizzy there for a sec,” I murmured.
    She supported my weight as I leaned my head against her
chest, which as always felt cozy and warm. She made me feel safe and secure,
but I wanted another chest; I wanted Jessie’s.
    Kessa put her wrist against my forehead and gasped. “You’ve
got a fever! We need to find a resting place, and a pharmacy.”
    “I’ll be fine,” I said, knowing to stop, would delay our
trip to Houston.
    “Zachary Mastiff.” She started up with a parental attitude
for the 80th time.
    I made up another lie. “We can’t stop. Once it’s dark,
we’re screwed.”
    She lifted her matter-of-fact finger. “Ya got an infection
from yer cuts. We need antibiotics.”
    “Okay, mom.”
    She took a step back, looking hurt. “No way. If I were, I
wouldn't want to be on ya like, 'Whoa! '.”
    “What?” My eyes widened. It'd been three weeks, and she
hadn't made another attempt at  
    seducing me.
    Kessa giggled. “Forget I said that.”
    We continued walking, a heavy, hormonal silence in the
    Mid-afternoon came before we ran across something and it
just so happened to be a tank.
    The armored vehicle faced south, the way we wanted to go.
    “It’s a gift from m'Lord !” she
cried and circled the tank.
    As she climbed onto it, I shook my head. “I doubt that.”
    “Of course, it is!” She sang, pulling open the hatch.
    Kessa fell back as if blasted off her feet. I made a mad
dash to catch her and skidded on my knees. She landed safely in my arms, but
she flailed reaching to her gun holster.
    An echoing groan from inside. Kessa leaped out of my
arms and started climbing back up.
    “If a Corpse is in there, just leave it!” I said.
    “No way! We need this tank!” she argued.
    Without an entire army caravan behind us, we could easily
be swarmed. Although it would probably crush more than a handful of the
bastards, until it ran out of fuel.
    “This isn’t a good idea.” I moved to find an easy way to
climb up.
    The Corpse inside sounded furiously slamming around
    I called to her, “Kessa?”
    She should have just shoved the gun inside and fired, but
instead, the crazy girl jumped inside.
    “Wait!” I cried, scrambling up the side.
    She grunted and made a bunch of ‘hyah’ sounds. It repeated
several times and finally the noise stopped. I made it to

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