Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour

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Book: Omega Virus (Book 1): Beta Hour by Jake A. Strife Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jake A. Strife
remember it!
    Some things Wesley said made me want to punch him, but for
the moment, I rolled up the letter, anxious to see the other. But who wrote it?
    I walked to the teller stations and counted down the line
until I came to the seventh. I pulled open a cabinet, and a duffel bag sat
shoved inside. There were four handguns, the typical kind the police would use.
I wondered if he’d hunted down dead cops for those. Also, I found a long black
pump-action shotgun and even an Uzi. I couldn’t guess where he’d found that.
    I dug deeper, past cans of food and bottles of water until
I found a large yellow envelope at the bottom, with my name written in large
letters. I pulled out the letter to find soft and feminine handwriting.
    It read:
    “Zach, it’s me, Jessie.
    I don’t know if you’ll
read this, or if I’ll get to finish writing it. But I wanted to let you know
how I feel about things.
    When we were children,
and you came to my eighth birthday party, I had a lot of fun. You were my
favorite guest, although we hadn’t spent much time together. I had a crush on
you. It was the best birthday ever, even though you
missed the piñata and hit me so hard it sent me to the hospital with a
    I don’t blame you at
all for that! You had to wear a blindfold, and couldn’t see me. I was trying to
sneak up and give you a hug. It was entirely my fault. Then my parents didn’t
let you ever come over again. And of course as you know the school found out,
and they expelled you. No one cared that I told them it was an accident. That’s when you became friends with Tiffany from what she
told me.
    I hope you find
yourself rekindling that relationship with Tiffany. I know she liked you even
if she wouldn’t admit to it. That’s just how she was. She didn’t know how to
express herself. I’m sure she will take care of you now. I had hoped we could
be together, you know? I was hoping you would ask me to prom in the spring. I
watched you in class every day, hoping so hard that you would talk to me. I’m
glad we got to spend some time together these past few hours, even if the
zombies are everywhere.
    As of now, we're all
    I lied. Jeff just came
to me with Dave. He wasn't bitten, but he has a long gash across his chest.
Someone or something slashed him across the chest. He's delirious, so we don't
know. Dave needs help, so we can’t stay here. That said, we won’t be here when you get back.
    After some debate,
we’ve chosen to head south to Houston. We wrapped up Dave, but it won’t last
for long. So all I can hope now is that you find this envelope, and you’ll at
least know how I feel.
    Tiffany: Take care of
him like I never got to. Please. Thank you. You were my best friend forever and
always. Okay, Tiff , stop reading now .
    Zach: I wish you three
the best of luck. Maybe we’ll meet again one day, if it’s not too late.
    P.S. I love you
    I folded the paper and put it in my pocket with the one
from Wesley. A whirlwind of emotion ran through me.
    I zipped up the duffel bag and found a clock on the wall.
It was just past nine. Plenty of daylight remained. We’d have to get to the
road soon; the trip to Houston would be long, and of course, we were going no
matter what. We would find the Gamer’s Guild. I wanted to talk to Jessie, and
at least tell her of Tiffany's fate.
    I walked back to the vault and found Kessa sitting,
cross-legged on the floor, back in her tube top. She looked up. Pangs of guilt
hit me. I could still choose Jessie, who said she loved me. My head hurt as
Kessa stared at me longingly, with adoring eyes.
    “What’s wrong?” she asked.
    I didn’t have the guts to tell her. I had to lie, for now.
    “We’re going to Houston. I have family there.” I spoke the
worst lie of my life.

    LEVEL 13 – SAFE
trotted on the road beside me. “Been three weeks and ya haven’t told me yet, sugar.”
    “Not told you what?” I

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