Mate Set

Mate Set by Laurann Dohner

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Authors: Laurann Dohner
Tags: Mating Heat
no-holds-barred-animal-sex comment had hit her as the
    verbal slap that it was. She reeled away and walked back to the sink to stare out the
    kitchen window. Tears filled her eyes, blinding her, and she hated them. It hurt that
    Grady was talking to another woman, obviously a werewolf bitch, and possibly the one
    he’d mate with when he wanted to settle down. He said they’d meet up in a few weeks
    so he was definitely planning on fucking that bitch.
    Mate Set
    She closed her eyes, frantically fighting more tears, and just stood there trying to get
    hold of her emotions. The real problem was that she was having them. She was falling
    for Grady as fast as if a ton of cement hung around her neck and he was never going to
    fall too. He’d slept in her bed but he was talking on the phone to another woman,
    making plans to meet up with her in the near future. She admitted it hurt and she was
    “Morning,” Grady said from behind her.
    She kept her eyes closed, refusing to acknowledge him as she took deep breaths
    until she knew she had the urge to cry under control. She opened her eyes, sipped her
    coffee and stared out the window to avoid looking at him. She needed to get a leash on
    her temper that was rising fast because anger was how she handled the raw pain of
    knowing he wanted to be with another woman instead of her.
    Mika wanted to be honest with herself. He was only with her because he’d been
    ordered to protect her. He’d been forced to live with her and if he hadn’t marked her,
    he’d probably still be refusing to touch her. Life sucks , she determined.
    “Mika? I said ‘morning’.”
    She didn’t turn to face him. “I heard you.”
    He was silent but she could sense him watching her. “Are you all right? Did I hurt
    He had no damn idea how much. She remained silent. She didn’t turn but she just
    knew he was slowly drawing closer. She felt him directly behind her though he didn’t
    touch her.
    “Mika? I know I hurt you. Do you need a doctor? Was I too rough with you?”
    “It must be hell for you.” She kept her voice soft.
    Long seconds passed in a room too quiet. “What must be hell?”
    She slowly turned then and set her coffee cup on the counter next to her so she
    wasn’t tempted to chuck it at his head. She forced herself to look up at Grady. Only a
    foot separated them. “Having to be with me instead of who you want to be with. I’m
    really sorry that I ruined your plans for the weekend and I’m really damn sorry that
    you have to put up with me for the next two weeks. Duty must a hellish thing for you
    right now. Excuse me. I’m in need of some space so I’ll be in my room alone.”
    Grady’s face paled slightly. She inched sideways, and walked quickly away from
    him. She didn’t want to be in the same room with him. She heard him softly curse as
    she left the kitchen but she didn’t look back. She walked to her bedroom and closed the
    It was insane to fall for someone too fast. She must have lost her damn mind. He’d
    saved her twice, given her mind-blowing sex repeatedly, and he certainly was too damn
    attractive to ignore. She walked to her dresser. She needed to be away from him to clear
    her head, even if it was just to hide away in her bedroom.
    Laurann Dohner
    She put on jeans, a T-shirt, and running shoes. She studied her reflection as she
    brushed out her damp hair and pulled it into a ponytail. She was going to get hurt even
    worse by the time this was over. Spending one night with the guy was already affecting
    her to the point that she’d had to fight bawling like a baby in the kitchen. What would
    happen when it was time to go? After getting used to touching and having Grady
    around, it would be hell when it ended. She shook her head sadly. It would be really
    damn stupid to set herself up for that kind of pain. She wasn’t psychic but she knew
    she’d fall harder for the guy.
    He wanted a werewolf mate. Hell, what could she offer

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