Housewife Chronicles Volume 1 : Reignited (Erotic romance)

Housewife Chronicles Volume 1 : Reignited (Erotic romance) by Jayda Marx

Book: Housewife Chronicles Volume 1 : Reignited (Erotic romance) by Jayda Marx Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayda Marx
    My husband and I started dating our
senior year of high school, and were both seventeen at the time. We had been
friends for several years, so we already knew and trusted each other. When we
finally took our relationship further, it turned intimate quickly. More quickly
than I even want to admit, writing this. Anyway, add in the fact that we were a
couple of horny teenagers, and it was hot and heavy right off the bat. Being so
young, there wasn’t much technique involved. We knew what worked for us, and
stuck with it. It was the sheer agility and frequency that was amazing. We were
insatiable. If we could find ten minutes alone, somebody’s pants were off. At
that moment in time, we never thought the momentum would slow. We could never
have imagined that anything would change this amazing appetite we had for one
    Fast forward nine years and two
children later. As if I even need to say it, things slowed down. Sex was now
something that had to be planned, squeezed in between work, family and sleep.
Once we had been married for a while and our first child was born, we truly
realized that things were changing. We vowed to make time for each other at
least once a week. It was a nice thought. Life, stress and pure exhaustion have
a way of placing themselves in the way of your plans, no matter how determined
you are to keep them. Sometimes weeks, even months would go by without us
    One day it was just like something
awoke inside me, and told me that I wasn’t satisfied. I was just a stay at home
mom missing something in her life; a housewife whose sex life had fallen into a
major rut. When my husband and I found time to actually be together, it was…pretty
good. At least I thought it was. I really had nothing to compare it to, but
something inside me was telling me it just wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to just
have an average sex life. I wanted to be brazen. Dirty. I wanted to bring back
the unrelenting desire my man once had for me, and to bring us both to new,
extraordinary heights of passion. I somehow knew on a soul deep level that I
had the ability within me, if I could find the courage to unleash it. That day I
decided to make a change – to take the situation by the balls (pun intended),
and alter it. So, this is the story of my transformation; the story of my
journey to becoming a bold, shameless, voracious lover.

    I was standing in the kitchen after
getting myself a drink of water. I had a knot of nerves in my throat and I was
attempting to calm myself down. I was trying to come up with a way to talk to Tyler,
my husband, about all the things I had been thinking about; namely how our love
life had taken a nose dive. I had tried to start the conversation several
times, but always chickened out.
    He had sensed my distance earlier
in the day and had asked what was wrong. I said “nothing” and tried to hide my
thoughts. He didn’t push, but shot me a look that told me he wasn’t buying what
I said. The man can read me like a book. He can always tell when something is
on my mind, and when I am mad at him even if I am swearing up and down I’m not.
He has a way of prying my true feelings out of me even if I don’t know exactly
what they are, until I’m pouring my emotions out to him. He may not always
agree with me, but he has always understood, and respected my wishes. Up until
this point we had been able to work through any problems we came across. But I
didn’t know how he was going to react to this.  I mean, how do you tell your
husband you want more out of your sex life, without crushing him? Without
making him feel like less of a man, or make him question his abilities? The
fact remained, though, that I did want more. I knew I wasn’t going to be
truly happy until I was honest about my feelings. He knew there was something eating
at me, and I knew him well enough to know he would keep asking until I just
came out with it. I might as well just get it over with.  And

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