His Black Pearl
much of him as I possibly can.
    This is for you, Master.
    This is for all the grief I gave you. This is
for all my stupidity and fear. You were kind to me. You were nice
and patient, and what did I ever do for you? For weeks I’ve let you
pleasure me with your teachings, but not once did I ever try to
return the favor.
    But not anymore.
    My back burns as I grind my pussy harder into
the cushion beneath me, but I don’t stop. I deserve that pain. I
was an idiot for ever disobeying my Master. I should have known he
wouldn’t expect more from me than what I could handle. I should
have known he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. No, not Master. Not
the man who’s brought me to such…such…
    His hips jerk against my chin. Hot seed
shoots down my throat, and his warmth burns a trail straight
through me. I pull back. I suckle the end of his cock. I lick away
every last bit of his wonderfully salty semen, and I’m hungry for
    So much more.
    A soft chuckle brings me to my senses, and
when White Coat turns off the vibrator, I look up to see Master
smiling down at me with more happiness than I’ve ever seen
    “Sona! Sona! Sona, Isa!”
    He wraps his arms around my shoulders, and
when he lifts me off the stationary dildo, I can’t suppress a
whimper of longing.
    I want more.
    Please, I need so much more.
    White Coat just shakes his head. Master lets
out a deep throaty laugh. I’m embarrassed at first, even ashamed,
but after a few more gentle strokes from my master, all of my
humiliation disappears.
    I was a good girl.
    I was a very good girl.
    I spend the rest of the evening in Master’s
arms, and after White Coat takes me back to the kennels for my
bath, he doesn’t lock me inside the cage across from Miss Priss.
Instead, he leads me back to the house, up the villa’s grand
staircase, and all the way into a giant bedroom with red silk
tapestries and long, gilded mirrors.
    Master is waiting by the open balcony doors
when White Coat removes my leash.
    “Alore, Isa,” Master says, and I follow him
to a giant red pillow lying at the side of his bed.
    He pats the pillow, and I climb on top.
    He fastens a chain to my collar, and when I
look up, I’m tethered to a hook hanging in the wall high above me.
White Coat stays only long enough to make sure I’m properly
secured, and then he gives a brief nod to Master before leaving the
two of us alone together.
    I know I should be scared, but for some
reason, I’m just…not.
    Master sits down on the edge of the bed
before leaning forward to stroke my cheek.
    “Nita,” he commands, and I sit before
    He’s only wearing a soft black robe, and when
he pulls it aside, his stiff cock is before me once more.
    My heart hammers.
    “Pela,” he says, and I wrap my mouth around
him dutifully.
    I know I should feel ashamed, dirty even, but
I just don’t. I want this. For God’s sake, I want this more than
I’ve ever wanted anything in my life.
    Maybe White Coat finally managed to break me,
or maybe I always had a secret hunger for this depravity and was
just too scared to admit it. Either way, I don’t care. All that
matters right now is showing my master how thankful I am for all
that he’s given me.
    And I have such a great debt to repay.
    All night long I taste his flesh and his
seed. Time after time he comes inside of me. By the time he finally
turns off the lights my belly is full of his blessing.
    The only thing that could possibly make this
night any better is if he invited me into his bed with him, but of
course I know that’s not my place.
    No, I belong here on the floor beside him.
His hand reaches down from the top of his mattress, and when he
buries his fingers into my hair I sigh long and deep.
    That night, I don’t even think to pray for

    Chapter Ten
    I hardly ever see Miss Priss now.
    Only rarely does White Coat use her to show
me a new trick, and even then Master rarely seems to notice
    No, his eyes are on

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