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Authors: Dean
her into flashing a service station attendant in a gas station, then a salesman and a few repairmen. She never did enjoy it, but it led to really great sexual encounters between the two of us. She gradually started to like flashing younger boys and finally seduced a sixteen-year-old who had a cock like a horse. I watched the whole thing, and as soon as he got off, I was in her. Her cunt was steaming hot and as wet as Niagara Falls. It was fantastic. Still, it was all done to please me. She wasn’t doing it because she enjoyed it. Gradually it led to the destruction of our marriage. I remarried too soon, and my present wife and I are extremely incompatible sexually. My dreams and fantasies are now of a beautiful dark-haired woman who shares my interests sexually, and otherwise. Together, we seduce men, women and boys, through her exhibitionism.
    Still it’s a fantasy, for I have come to realize that I shall never find a woman as sexual as I am, especially one with exhibitionist tendencies, as they simply do not exist.

    Nancy Friday

    Incidentally, although I loved your books, I find it hard to believe that even a minority of women are as sexual as your books depict. I rather feel that the majority of letters you have received are from men, describing how they wish their wives would think and dream or be.

    Here’s a fantasy of mine that came to life last spring. I’ve never told anyone about this experience until now. I’m a twenty-two-year-old guy, born and bred in Washington, D.C.
    I’ve had this fantasy for a few years. It basically includes having a girl serve me sexually, and spanking her from time to time.
    Well, last April I was walking with Carol, a close friend with whom I’ve never had sex. We shared intimate secrets –
    including me telling her that I’d love to fuck her and her declining. Carol mentioned a movie (X-rated) that we passed in the street. I don’t remember the movie’s title but it was about a teen-age girl being kidnapped, tied up, and raped, according to the description that the theater ran. She commented on how exciting that sounded. Later, we stopped by her apartment for some food. We got pretty high after dinner, and I steered the conversation back to the subject of the movie.
    Carol (she was nineteen then) seemed pretty excited about the film’s subject matter. She told me she’d always fantasized about being raped and treated roughly by her attacker. Maybe if we weren’t so high what followed wouldn’t have happened.
    I grabbed Carol by the shirt and ripped it open, literally.
    She started to put up a struggle but I could tell it was just a mock effort. I kissed her hard, on the lips, and forced her to kneel on the floor before me. I told her to take out my cock and “kiss it,” in those words, till I came in her mouth. The sight of her fulfilling an old-time fantasy of mine, along with the view I had of my hard-on going in and out of Carol’s Men In Love

    beautiful face, quickened my orgasm. Carol couldn’t keep my come in her mouth; and pulled her mouth away. I kept shooting on her cheeks.
    I made her undress me and then I took off the rest of her clothes. Again playing the part, she began to struggle. So I grabbed some twine from the kitchen and tied her by the wrists to the bedposts. I decided to be fair and fulfill a fantasy she had mentioned earlier, namely eating her pussy as she lay on her back, totally helpless. It didn’t take long for her to come. Now I was hard again.
    I turned Carol over so that she lay on her stomach. This time I tied her arms together over her head. One thing I’d always wanted to see was a chick masturbating – for real, not like in Penthouse, et al. I ordered her to play with herself, and told her to get up on her knees to do it.
    With Carol’s ass sticking out as she kneeled on the bed, I gave her a hard smack on the tush. She didn’t say anything, but stopped playing with herself for a moment. I pushed her hands,

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